Days of Change

Day 1263 – What’s NOT Racist?

April 20, 2012

The most racial election in history is about to be topped in 2012. In 2008, Obama had the fact that he wasn’t Bush going for him. Now, Bush is starting to look like a viable option, let alone John McCain. The Romney campaign is hitting back, raising more money than McCain and maybe more than Obama. Plus, the new media is replacing the media whispering campaigns with shout outs to double standards.

Today was Mormonism. The story of the Romney family moving to Mexico to practice polygamy is coming back, trying to make a Christian look like a cultist. The response was fast and direct. You have to go back 3 generations to find a polygamist in Mitt’s family, but Barack Obama’s father was married to two women.

Pointing out that Barack Obama Sr. was part of a religion that practices polygamy to this day would likely be called racist. The story of Obama eating dog is already being labeled as such. And don’t dare you compare Michelle Obama’s sour expression and aloof attitude to Ann Romney. There’s some racist aspect to that too, I’m sure.

With nothing left to argue, everything from not giving Obama 1001 chances to just not liking him personally will be considered grounded in racism. If that’s the case, 80% of the population is going to get that tag. If you get it once, you have it forever. There is really not point in avoiding it. Unless you love Obama and would pledge your future existence to him, you’re going to be a racist. Now you can move on.


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