Days of Change

Day 1250 – Today

April 7, 2012

I just watched Tuesday’s NBC Today Show with Sarah Palin guest hosting. There was supposedly some anger toward Palin by Star Jones, but I didn’t see it. What I saw was endless stupid pot shots taken at her by mostly male guests and Matt Lauer. Palin has learned to roll with the punches, however. Don’t confront people who can edit you later.

I suspect that Palin was feeling them out as much as they were feeling her out. Remember, Newsweek gave her a cover on her terms to boost flagging sales. NBC wanted a win against Katie Couric and Sarah Palin was all to willing to take a shot. Just about every organization that has badmouthed Palin’s ubiquitous presence would throw an old lady out of a cab to get Palin to their studio if she accepted their frequent offers.

Generally, I think the left-wing media is ready to make anything into an evil Republican plot, but imagine how the infamous “caterpillar” remarks would be different if Sarah Palin were the head of the RNC. Then again, that should have happened in 2009. Now, she has to do her best to keep her party together enough to get Obama out of office. Once in a while the mama grizzly has to get into the lion’s den.

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