Days of Change

Day 1254 – Identity Politics

April 11, 2012

95% of the black population will likely vote for Obama. The Attorney General has shown, time and again, that he will support black victims of perceived racism over white victims of racism. Obama will defend his black friends over “dumb cops” and identify with a victim who would “look like me” rather than the system of jurisprudence in this country.

Has the administration and their accomplices in the media overplayed their hand once again like in the case of Henry Louis Gates and the so-called “Beer Summit?” George Zimmerman may be known as a “White Hispanic” by some of the media, but that still makes him Hispanic. It’s April of 2012 and the parents of Trayvon Martin have gotten what they wanted, the man who ended their son’s life in jail, regardless of how Trayvon may or may not have provoked his own death.

If all the race-based media and the parents wanted was Zimmerman in jail, they got it, but it may be at the expense of a conviction. There is a strong case for prosecutorial misconduct in filing the highest possible charge when self-defense, let alone “stand your ground” is possible. While making inroads to the black community, Obama’s allies may have forgotten about the Hispanic community.

Nearly 12 years to this day, The Clinton White House’s Attorney General ordered that Elian Gonzales be taken from relatives in Florida and sent back to Cuba. It was a step toward globalism and a tremendous step back for getting the Hispanic vote. Al Gore’s poor showing in 2000 among Hispanics was far more than the 537 vote difference that made George Bush the (eventual) legitimate winner of the 2000 presidential election.

The Hispanic vote has been seen as a needed get for the Republican Party this year, but now it may be within reach. The current administration is stepping up quiet raids of illegal employees, essentially not deporting Mexicans but making them jobless and still resident. Does making Marco Rubio a running mate seal the deal? Democrats lost women in 2010 and Jewish vote is none too happy with the administration’s Israel policy. Does the campaign expect to get another 2-3% out of a monolithic African-American vote?

The king of identity politics may be hoist with his own petard.

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