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Donald Trump is a Virus | December 17, 2016

By writing antagonizing titles, I have nearly abandoned readership and commentary on my blog. However, I compare the virus in question to my “The Truth is a Virus” post back in 2012.

In the last few weeks, the left has been trying to Constitutional legal technical remedies to a Trump election. They have now set their sights on the Electoral College. This is actually a good example of why why their remedies will fail and why it is their own fault.

The founders of the country wanted people of differing views to play nice. Instead of a Prime Minister chosen by the party in charge of the legislature, the President was chosen directly by the states. The Vice President was as well, and could be from a completely different party. Of course, that plan fell apart quickly, no doubt because it may have led to Alexander Hamilton’s death.

The Founders valued democracy, but were not interested in direct democracy for every individual. Rule by the masses did not go well in France, the revolution having started around the same time the Constitution in the United States was put into effect. Even before that, the Articles of Confederation tried to let the states operate independently, but left the federal government almost powerless to keep the union together.

The federal government had a President elected by Electors, men who were chosen by the states to make the final decision. The Senate was made up of men selected by state legislatures. The state legislatures were voted on by citizens as were the members of the House. This worked, more or less, for a century.

Progressives decided to bring direct democracy to America. This led to the direct election of Senators, which moved corruption from the state level to the federal one. In response, political parties gave broad powers to the major parties, while diminishing the influence of smaller parties. Since those reforms, there have only really been two political parties in the US. Donald Trump decided to run for the nomination of one of those parties because of that reality.

The reason the Electoral College won’t change their vote is because Electors are chosen on the basis of party affiliation. It is a sort of gift bestowed on the loyal. If the GOP wants Trump elected, 99% of the Republican Electors would never think of voting differently. Progressives believed more in the power of the masses instead of the reason of a few hundred people.

Donald Trump is the culmination of defenses to liberal body politic that wants to purge Republicans. They use the media to shame Republicans, Republicans choose a man with no shame. Democrats attack Republicans on issues like immigration to worry their donors, the Republicans pick a candidate who can say what he wants because he has few large donors. Ironically, Trump has none of the traits that Democrats want in an opponent. Theoretically, they should love him, and a number of rank-and-file Democrats do.

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  1. I like your provocative titles. I think Trump as a virus is a very clever way of looking at things. We could joke here about the benefits of a virus, “what ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but I believe Trump is going to be a good thing.

    Comment by insanitybytes22 — December 18, 2016 @ 9:44 am

    • Trump is a gamble. He’s not beholden to the kind of people who keep government the way it is. At the same time, he doesn’t know the potential blockades against him. Trump became famous the first time as the guy who went bankrupt and lost a billion dollars. The second time he became a media empire with a lot of hotels. It could really go either way.

      Comment by 1539days — December 18, 2016 @ 10:12 am

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