Days of Change

Day 1244 – Banned in the USA

April 1, 2012

I thought I would delve into old history and talk about banning and the blogs. When I complained about the school board and the teachers’ union on my old blog, I was threatened, but never banned. I wasn’t even banned for my anti-Obama sentiments, but other blogs were shut down for it. Those bloggers came from places like Daily Kos until pro-Hillary sentiments became anti-Obama and therefore illegal. Then they were banned.

I started commenting on Uppity Woman about the time of the Sarah Palin Vice Presidential announcement in 2008. Before that, I was an unenthusiastic McCain supporter who planned to do the least I could. At this time in the PUMA blogosphere, there was a lot of excitement about Palin and even toward McCain for choosing her. McCain made conservatives disheartened but this Democratic groundswell had the potential to reverse that. In reality, Democrats voted for Obama and conservatives stayed home.

I don’t mention being conservative on my or other people’s blogs very often, since it’s ridiculous to claim an ideology when it should be obvious from the content. Besides, I come to my conclusions in different ways. The most jarring incident was this post taking Bill Clinton to task for covering up a potential political bribe. The one thing you don’t mention to a Clinton fan is Monica Lewinsky. That post was actually about Clinton’s skill at lying directly and look like he’s truthful. A little over a month later, a comment on a Clarence Thomas post got me banned.

I suspect that the power of the Tea Party re-polarized Hillary supporters. Sarah Palin’s emergence as a Tea Party heroine and her light criticism started to make her unpopular. Others who wanted a more independent political movement still liked what she stood for. The Crawdad Hole opened up in early 2011, filled with that group.

Last July, I asked if I could post a link to a blog entry relevant to the topic at the time, the debt ceiling. I was invited to be a contributor. I made the prophetic comment that “historically, it’s been my first step to being banned.” On July 21, 2011, I became contributor #6 at The Crawdad Hole. In the months that followed, I had some posts that got a lot of push back, others that were ignored and some that went over well.

On December 22, I was informed that my posting privileges were revoked after “reviewing” my posts here. Since it was “not up for discussion,” I never did figure out that form that review took. I suspect it had to do with a reader who had some ax to grind. Since my cross posts weren’t cited, I gather that what I write here was the problem which makes me believe it should have been looked into before that. The last straw was Rush Limbaugh. That got my blog thrown off the “Friends” list and put me into permanent moderation.

Just don’t get me started on Hillbuzz.


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