Days of Change

Day 1262 – Canine Inoculation

April 19, 2012

It’s not the attack, it’s the reaction to the attack.

The opening salvo in the NObama campaign might be the nearly-forgottenĀ  video of Obama praising Charles Ogletree, the proponent of critical race theory. The story itself confirms a lot about Obama, but the media revealed some things about themselves. I learned that Politico hack Ben Smith is now working for some website whose name and actions remind me a lot of the fictional Buzzwire from CBS’ fantasy show Moonlight. He released the video hours before Breitbart’s site, but without some interesting parts. In other words, it was “highly edited.” Who can forget when Joel Pollack went on Soledad O’Brien’s morning show. Her guest called Pollack a racist and Soledad called him on Critical Race theory. Well, O’Brien was reading from Wikipedia and the guest was smearing a man who is married to a black woman.

When Romney became the almost certain nominee last week, misdirected attacks on Ann Romney lead to a significant loss to the Democrats’ War on Republicans by using Women as pawns. However, Romney’s finest hour came from another in Andrew Breitbart’s orbit, Jim Treacher. As the “Seamus” story heated up due to (former Nixon aide) an interview by Diane Sawyer yet again asking why the Romneys would put their dog in an apartment on the roof rather than cram the giant dog in with five boys, a story was unearthed from Obama’s past. He wrote about eating unusual animals like dog, even detailing the relative texture advantages of dog meat over snake meat.

In the world of the sound bite, the fewest words with the most impact wins. Nothing beats the simplicity of “Obama ate dog.” Stories about Seamus that allow comments are now filled with “but Obama ate a dog” responses. It would be dumb if people who argued this were actually outraged, but they aren’t Obots. They may not love Romney but they love a good slam on the oversensitive. At the same time, Obama lovers are looking like asses trying being outraged. If you believe there is a real argument that Mitt Romney really tortured a dog and that Obama had a good excuse for eating a dog, you are merely trying to justify your love for Obama.

It gets better. One of the justifications for the canine cuisine is that it was a cultural norm for Indonesia. That means the Muslim belief that an animal has power was practiced by Obama. It kind of puts Romney’s whole Mormon thing into perspective, doesn’t it?In one fell swoop, Romney could be inoculated from charges of animal cruelty and religious oddity. In any case, he will have hundreds of millions more than McCain did to make his case. The army on Twitter is free of charge.


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