Days of Change

Day 1273 – Antisocial Media

April 30, 2012

Twitter is the source for the most instantaneous reaction to events on social media. When Dana Loesch’s husband was replying to those who tweeted about raping her, his account was suddenly suspended. It seems that bottom feeders figured out a way to use flagging at a rapid pace to trigger the spam block in Twitter’s system. It too around 12 hours to resolve the issue, with Twitter deciding it had to make Chris Loesch’s account un-closeable and start dealing with the people who abused the flagging system. One of them might have been @KillZimmerman. His account is finally gone after weeks of flaunting its existence.

Twitter may be one of the “good” ones. This social media site has been adopted by many conservatives. Michelle Malkin even started Twitchy to aggregate tweets and base news stories on them. The same is true of WordPress. There was a major Google / Blogger purge of pro-Hillary and anti-Obama sites in 2008 which sent many bloggers from to It’s probably why Google Plus will never get anywhere.

This is something that Andrew Breitbart understood since the late 1990s. Conservative “alternatives” are good places to hang out, but they should not be the enclaves of conservative thought. We have to fight in the same playground as everyone else. The way you can tell its working is when they do whatever they can to lock the gate behind them. If tweeps can free Chris Loesch from twittergulag, we can free Obama from his White House duties as well.

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