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Day 1259 – Progeny

April 16, 2012
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Human beings are immortal.

Only a few generations ago, the United States (as well as the rest of the world) was made up primarily of agrarians. Men and women married and had multiple children because labor was valuable. There was a cost, however. Many women died in childbirth. Families with many children often suffered the death of one or more before they reached adulthood. Still, the elements of that pairing would go on. Birth control may have made small families possible, but industrialization made them desirable.

Instead of an extended family, Americans started to form into nuclear families. Parents would have two or three children. They were expected to get jobs and move out of the house, preferably with a spouse of their own. America was growing and building and babies were booming. Then there was the sexual revolution.

By the 60s, women weren’t geared toward getting married as soon as possible. They went to college. They had careers. Men and women might not marry and have kids until they were in their 30s. The trend has continued. Women will have children with or without a husband now. Some men and women choose not to have children at all. Their genetic heritage ends with them.

There is a movie called Idiocracy with a vision of a world where the smart and successful wait too long to have offspring and morons have children with multiple partners. I’m not sure if that’s where we’re headed, but there are two interesting trends. First, US population is stable or even dropping when you subtract immigration. Second, the lowest median age in the world is among Muslim populations, while the median US age is nearly double that.

Contraception and the mommy wars strike at something fundamental among humanity. As individuals try to live longer and extend their personal growth, their contribution to the future is diminished. Mitt and Ann Romney have five children and many grandchildren. Barack Obama will probably not end up with more than 3. The people who seek the state to take care of people while living for themselves will eventually be outlasted by the people who believe in traditional values.

Survival of the fittest by the ones who supposedly believe in natural selection.

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