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Day 1261 – Obama Ate a Dog

April 18, 2012

But first…

MSNBC Morning Joe showcased the absolute Obama worship of “Game Change” co-author John Heilemann. One of the figures used by 99% pimps is the disparity between CEO pay and the pay of their least-skilled lowest-paid employees. That gap is widening under Obama. Heilemann’s spirited defense was that CEO pay is a function of the stock market and not presidential policy. One wonders where those claims were when the same thing happened in the Bush recovery of 2004 to 2007.

Luckily, that blatant hypocrisy was replaced by the blatant hilarity of the #ObamaAteADog hashtag. For months now, various Obots and even SNL have done what I see as taking a story, extracting the truth and inflating their own fake story. The real story is that Mitt Romney placed his dog and pet carrier on the roof of his station wagon and once the dog got the runs and he pulled over to clean him up. Now this didn’t do anything to Seamus but give him the dog dream of having his head out the window all the time. The fake story is that Seamus was locked in and forced on the roof while protesting and got sick from fear.

The worm turned yesterday. Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller wrote about this except from “Dreams of my father.”

As the tweets went around the world, making it to the top 10 on twitter, even the people on Morning Joe had to laugh,

Truly, the best part was the response of stupid groups like Dogs Against Romney who tried to explain why Obama eating a dog was less morally wrong than Romney’s transport methods. The fact is that neither of them is particularly in the wrong. The beauty of it is that “Obama ate a dog” is a worse catch phrase than “Romney strapped his dog to the roof of a car.” Trying to put it in context is just giving in to the fact that there was nothing to begin with.

This is what Breitbart looks like. He knew that it would be necessary to take on the left using their own methods. Even more, it’s about flooding the alternative media to the point where they have to talk about your story. Morning Joe decided to minimize the damage by laughing at the silliness of all dog stories. The Obama campaign doubled down and got offended over an “attack” on Obama’s biography. Does Saturday Night Live try to prove they are fair by mentioning Obama’s culinary past or do they ignore it and prove their bias definitively?

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