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Day 1249 – The Unwise Monkeys

April 6, 2012
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The Trayvon Martin case, or the George Zimmerman case, as it would be normally called, has revealed at least three network fails in the last week.
The Unwise Monkeys

  • ABC took a grainy tape and declared Zimmerman had no injuries as he claimed in the police report. When the higher definition copy came out, ABC had to change their analysis.
  • CNN used their “experts” (also known as the sound guys in the studio) to declare Zimmerman’s disdain for “coons.” Now, it seems he may have said “cold,” although others have said “punks.”
  • NBC has “investigated” a 911 call that was edited to portray Zimmerman as saying blacks are up to no good. They threw a producer under the bus for that.

Remember when the news actually reported it instead of created it?

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