Days of Change

Day 1253 – Something to Believe In

April 10, 2012

Whatever Rick Santorum has ever said about gays or gay marriage is 1,000 times better than the average attack on Santorum personally. Actually, they make Santorum look better for it. Since early on, I’ve thought that Rick Santorum had the most personal integrity of all the presidential candidates. That’s not exactly a high bar, but it means something.

At this point, there is good reason for Rick Santorum to stay or go. He could stay because Romney still only has barely half the delegates he needs and a few winner-take-all states could make a difference. Santorum is also in second place and opening up a lead to Gingrich. Then again, he still trails Mit Romney and a nearly broke Gingrich is still trying to siphon votes from Santorum.

Most importantly, however, is Santorum’s family. While he could continue to campaign while his daughter is in the hospital, Rick has decoded that the chances of him becoming the nominee are far too low to trade what’s important in his life. Gingrich and Romney don’t have that decision to face, and they can slug it out for two more months. If only this situation could convince Mitt Romney not to beat Newt Gingrich into the ground when he is now almost certain to be the nominee. Keep your powder dry, and stop pissing off your own party.

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