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Day 1270 – Start Getting Real

April 27, 2012
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I think Obama’s unofficial campaign slogan is becoming “It Might Have Been Worse.” He blames Bush, but has absolutely no evidence that Bush did anything to the economy or that anything he did hampered it beyond the terrible wastes of money under Obama in the last 3 years. I have no doubt that John McCain would have been a morally and ethically superior, more restrained, and overall smarter president. Oh, and he’s still alive. Not that it matters. Sarah Palin has created more jobs than Obama in the last 4 years. For all the “drill, baby drill,” it turns out the most anti-drilling president had the biggest oil drilling disaster on his watch. Unlike Bush, that debacle is still affecting the country.

Still, John McCain was a terrible presidential nominee. I think he ran in 2008 to prove that he was worthy of running in 2000. Plus, he had the benefit of people not liking Mitt Romney very much. McCain was very much the last man standing, partly because of Mike Huckabee who has since endorsed Romney. McCain ends up being very much a legislator. He doesn’t want to make the kind of decisions that make a winning campaign. If Sarah Palin ran that campaign, they might have won.

This was the scenario. Until the middle of the primary season, Republicans thought Hillary Clinton would get the nomination and maybe Obama would be her VP choice. Republicans who found McCain squishy would vote for him out of sheer hatred for Clinton. His superior experience would hopefully make up the difference. In Romney vs. Obama, (or possibly Edwards) Romney would have the money to saturate the airwaves, something Obama did unchallenged due to McCain’s disdain for actually raising money.

McCain also fed into the idea that he was the better guy, but the first black president wouldn’t be all that bad. People just drank the poisoned Kool-Aid over that one. Obama flew under the RADAR and the media did their best to covertly argue how awesome we would be to vote for the multicultural melting pot story with no executive and little legislative experience. I very much doubt Romney would have done the same.

I wasn’t against Romney because he wasn’t conservative, I was against him because he was an asshole. He never needed to spend millions to savage his opponents in the primary this year. Now that he’s got the nomination, that pugnacity will serve him well. Had he won the nomination in 2008, he might be president today, being assaulted on all sides for an 8.0% unemployment rate and only 3% GDP growth. If you can’t vote for 2012 Mitt Romney, vote for the 2008 Mitt Rooney who would have run a successful campaign against Barack Obama.

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