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Team Trump and Everyone Else | February 19, 2017

For the 99.99% of the population that does not read Archie Comics, their reboot series revealed Archie’s pal Jughead as asexual. The faint praise of that news was followed by louder complaints that the new CW series about Riverdale may show Jughead Jones dating human females.

I decided to look up what asexual means and why anyone cares. Instead, I had enough of this. When you get to this “interest group” which is seventh in the LGBTQIA description, it basically involves things like awareness and acceptance.

Let’s go back to real discrimination based on race and gender. These people were identified on sight and laws were written to restrict their rights. Sometimes these people tried to “pass” in order to gain rights. Sexual orientation and expression is activity-based, even if the drive to engage in activity is natural for them. One can pass for long periods of time by not making their sexual activity known.

Sexuality is a dumb thing to use to define one’s self. This is an enlightened enough society to know that these orientations are not a series of buckets one falls into. It’s a spectrum. Some never stray from the shallow end of the pool, some experiment and some never find one place to be. Polite society used to use the buckets, now the snowflakes who want to be special use them.

For years, Democrats and the Left have been trying to convince everyone who wasn’t a White male that the federal government could force normalization against everyone who made them feel bad. Originally, they would just target those groups. Eventually, the groups got strong enough that Democrats had to cater to them. Being White, male or both was bad and the only way to be good was to denounce your own identity.

Calling Trump supporters White Nationalists is both accurate and an attempt to socially ostracize them. Many White Trump supporters are nationalists. They prefer America. They don’t minimize American exceptionalism like Barack Obama did. They also won’t be shamed because they probably gave up on the people who would shame them long ago.

That’s how Trump won. This is how he can lose.

Back in 2009, the GOP was dead. For the most part, it’s still dead. The Tea Party came about and represented everything Pat Buchanan stood for in 1992 and Trump talked about in 2016. The Democrats can retool in the next 18 months, even if their movement is more AstroTurf than grass roots. I’m kind of apolitical about it.

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  1. The theme song for asexuality.

    Comment by 1539days — February 19, 2017 @ 8:02 pm

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