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Day 1258 – What, No Cocaine?

April 15, 2012
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The Colombian hooker story has capped off the week that wasn’t for the Obama campaign. This was supposed to be a conference where the US signed a free trade agreement with Columbia, not when a dozen Secret Service agents were removed for wanted prostitutes to trade sex for free. I wouldn’t be surprised if the media who were staying at the same hotel, had similar arrangements. Yes, I’m being a smart-ass and there is a bigger issue here.

The administration may not be directly to blame for this situation, but when you take no responsibility everything starts to become your fault. There was a massive economic downturn during the last 5 months of the Bush administration and we are expected to believe that has carried over for the next 40 months? Bush pulled out of the 2002-2003 recession and that came from a tech bubble and September 11. We can leave the economy aside, because there’s BP and the failure of oversight in drilling. There’s the overreaction with a lack of drilling permits and gas price inflation that could lead to an extra recession. Unemployment is so prevalent, the rate no longer reflects the sheer number of people convinced they will never find a job. We are above 100% of GDP in debt for the first time since World War 2. Because of the payroll “tax cut,” we are now running an annual deficit in social security payments vs. revenue.

The GSA and Secret Service are just more examples of what’s happening to a federal government where no one seems to be in charge. Leaving the morality of prostitution aside, what could have made these idiots think this was even close to acceptable behavior? Has it happened before? Is the president’s lavish vacation schedule making them soft? I don’t know, but the fish rots from the head.

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