Days of Change

Day 1304 – The Day the Music Died

May 31, 2012

I am pretty well convinced that John McCain, as well as Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, had some pretty bad ideas on how to win a presidential election. We know that Schmidt decided that McCain should suspend his presidential campaign to go back to the minors and get TARP passed. It’s a safe bet that McCain wanted some kind of fusion ticket where Joe Lieberman was his running mate. I think Wallace just thought “how can I screw this up?” when scheduling Sarah Palin and did it. I imagine picking Sarah Palin was by pure accident. It was a lucky happenstance because they needed a woman who was a governor and the other Republican was too liberal.

Unfortunately, Palin may have been an afterthought to the PUMA plan. There were subtle (his orange tie during the nomination acceptance speech) and not-so-subtle signs that the McCain campaign was trying to woo Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton and were upset that she was apparently gamed out of the Democratic nomination. It was a strategy built for the McCain campaign. Don’t run on a conservative platform, run on finding common ground and embracing maverick ideas. Of course, when Palin was a maverick, it turned out she was a solid conservative. One man’s maverick is the McCain campaign’s “going rogue.”

I don’t know if the Obama campaign was smart and focused or they just saw “The Great White Hype.” This wasn’t a sea change election where Democrats abandoned the party in droves. This was an election where a narrative was created. Just how many Hillary Clinton supporters can you pick off when Clinton endorsed Obama and agreed to serve in his administration? It turns out that the same percentage of Democrats voted for McCain as voted for Bush in 2004. That would have been a big victory if it had not been at the expense of the Republican base.

Compare the McCain presidential campaign of 2008 with the McCain Senatorial campaign of 2010. He let Sarah be Sarah as she campaigned for him. He demanded Obama “complete the danged fence.” He actually seemed to give a damn. Plus, the Republican Party had something to run against (Obama and the crazy Congress) and something to run for, Tea Party government. They were called every right-wing name in the book. They won big. In fact, they won “Moneyball” big. Instead of putting everything into an impossible mission to get 51 votes in the Senate, they won more state houses in one election than any party had in decades.

PUMAs are excellent opposition researchers against Obama. They often are an indicator of the messages that will turn Democrats against Obama. However, their votes are gravy in a Republican election. You don’t make a meal out of gravy. Mitt Romney needs to satisfy the Republican base. He can talk about how Bill Clinton signed off on Republican goals, but he must talk about those Republican goals. For PUMAs. it is the anniversary of the day the Democratic Party turned against democracy. For Republicans, they do that every day.

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Day 1303 – Don’t Play That Game

May 30, 2012
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It’s unfortunate that Fox News is the only outlet even close to mentioning the Kimberlin lawfare attacks, but it may be starting to cross from online to on TV. Yesterday’s ill-fated hearing resulted in Kimberlin’s victim being arrested. It seems the Speedway Bomber was able to get a peace order (aka retraining order) activated on the Sunday of a holiday weekend. I wonder how much political pull that takes. Kind of reminds me of Bill Ayers. The blogger was not arrested for contempt of court, even though the judge was contemptible.

Even supporters think the blogger should not have gone into court without his own lawyer, even though he was a lawyer. I suppose the “fool for a client” thing is generally accepted, but it’s bull. There is nothing in the Constitution that says people have to hire a lawyer. Judges don’t even have to be practicing lawyers. This judge was a piece of work, not understanding how the internet even works. Still, people persist in just accepting that judges are the gods of their courtrooms. Screw that. Maybe judges just need civilian review, like police departments.

While we’re at it, I’m going to modify what I wrote about Fox News. I won’t perpetuate the myth that Fox is on the right. It is at the top, with more viewers than the other cable nets combined. A (conservative) CNN contributor was SWATted this weekend and Fox is the first channel to cover it? That’s not bias. that’s just sad. If the Romney campaign wants to avoid attacks by an Obot press, stop showing up on their channels. Make an announcement of it. Do like the Democrats did and refuse to debate on any network but Fox News. Openly show your contempt. You don’t win by wooing independents. you win by mobilizing your whole base to vote at twice the rate as the other side.

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Day 1302 – Deconstruction Zone

May 29, 2012
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The latest Kimberlin story is so incredibly insane that I can’t even write about it.

This morning, I planned to write about Poitico’s stupidity, which is much more calming. The new Palin hit piece is headlined with “New Sarah Palin approach; better results.” You see, Sarah Palin is considered to have failed in her endorsements in 2012 because every endorsed candidate did not win. Plus, in 2012 she is old news and is picking a number of safe candidates as a hedge.

First, this is a pretty weak rehash of 2010 criticisms. Palin endorsed a number of very conservative candidates. She also endorsed Kelly Ayotte and John McCain. The Ayotte endorsement was accused of being an attempt to curry favor with a future elected official in the important presidential election state of New Hampshire.

Then there’s the claims of failure. Many of her endorsements did not win general elections in 2010. At the same time, 68% of her endorsements won the Republican nomination. Then again, Sarah isn’t Jimmy the Greek. She endorsed candidates good for the Republican Party. The GOP ended up doing a poor job of fielding their own candidates or even caring how their party’s electorate felt about the choices. Still, her choices reflected the 2/3 of seats won by Republicans over Democrats in 2010.

The left media is still angry they can’t have Sarah Palin to kick around. She knows that only a few more Senate seats will give the Republicans the power of Congress, which is more important than the presidency. They only try to dismiss her influence at the same time they envy it.

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Day 1301 – Remember

May 28, 2012
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Ironically enough, the History Channel may be the only ones following the original intent of Memorial Day by airing their series about the post-Civil War feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. Memorial Day started as a memorial for the hundreds of thousands killed in the Civil War. It’s been extended to all veterans.

The Civil War was the deadliest war in American history, with nearly 1 million military deaths, more than all other wars combined. The numbers are staggering compared to the War on Terror. Four million slaves were eventually freed and Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for his role in the war. The conflicts between the North and the South nearly split the country apart. It could be argued after the South’s secession, the North was actually fighting a war to overthrow the Confederacy.

If the North had let the South break away, the Confederacy would have eventually ended slavery as a result of the Industrial Revolution. The United States may also have re-unified. It’s also possible that the economic impact of losing southern exports would have made the North and industrialized nation with few exports and trains to nowhere. The strongest argument for the war is the moral component, and that means over 1 million deaths to change the status of 4 million people.

War is frequently amoral. Ending slavery was a worthy goal, but the North needed Southern exports and sea ports for business. The current wars may be considered unnecessary, but soldiers do as they are ordered. It’s necessary to maintain the order for the military to function. For decades, the US has had a volunteer Army. If you disagree with America’s military goals, you can choose not to participate. In the end, if you die in a war, you die for this country. There are many people who serve this country, but few professions are asked to risk their life doing it. Remember that.

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Day 1300 – Levi’s “I am scum” Blues

May 27, 2012
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I can’t deny that I enjoyed the story that Levi Johnston blew through his barely earned money with motorcycles and guns and had to move in with his mother. It certainly couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Some in the pro-Palin crowd have chalked this up to left-wing entertainment giving up on him. I would say it’s slightly more sinister than even that.

Remember the re-engagement of Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin? This happened around the time that Bristol was considered as a contestant for “Dancing with the Stars” in the summer of 2010. By then, Democrats were trying to paint the Tea Party as a bunch of ignorant rednecks and they really didn’t need one around they celebrated. It worked out for the Palins, as Johnston recanted his claims of the family’s misdeeds during the short term of the engagement. Not only was he not particularly important to the entertainment media, he was damaged goods.¬† Johnston was always full of shit, but now he was proven so by his own admission.

Sure, he was dropped like a hot potato, but he was dropped for a lack of orthodoxy as well as a lack of importance, Palin bashing is always in style for the left. They just don’t like it when someone deviates from it. The left is going to enforce discipline, much like the smack down of Cory Booker. They will also shun those who break with the love of Obama, like Jon Lovitz. Apparently, they will also threaten those on the right who dare reveal the truth. Levi Johnston may be a moron, but the Obots are pure evil.

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Day 1299 – Random History

May 26, 2012
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Segregationist governor George Wallace was a Democrat. He even ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Isn’t history interesting?

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Day 1298 – Open Lawfare

May 25, 2012

Lawfare is an asymmetrical process where someone with little to lose uses civil and criminal lawsuits to intimidate those with much to lose. It works especially well when used by terrorists because when the law is not enough, they have the option of violence and the threat of violence. Some people have found themselves fired because their workplace fears a bombing. Others wind up just plain dead.

Conservatives have deemed this¬† Blog About Brett Kimberlin day to do what these people fear the most. Exposing the truth about those who try to operate in the shadows is what truly takes away their power. It may be fun to think about how the current election season is going badly for Democrats and liberal groups, but they won’t lose that easily. Barack Obama sucks, but he is just the meat puppet the terrorist, anti-establishment types were finally able to sell to the American people. The pieces have been in place for decades and the only way to dismantle it is to expose the nerve.

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Day 1297 – The Clinton Line

May 24, 2012

Here’s a thought. Those who don’t think any less of Hillary Clinton working for the Obama administration believe she is “doing her own thing” and can use the fact that she’s bound by law not to campaign for a US politician to not be mired in the failure of Obama. Still, she did campaign for Obama in 2008 and was able to retain most of the primary voters for her for the Obama camp. If she is seriously offered the Vice Presidency and the campaign leaks it, would she have the integrity to turn it down? Would she take the job to run for president in 2016? Would she tell Obama to go to hell and everyone else to vote Romney? Where’s the line she will not cross between supporting Obama and dragging him across the finish line?

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Day 1296 – Two Movies in One Week

May 23, 2012
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Curiosity got the better of me and I went to see the movie Dark Shadows. I’d say the movie was as faithful to the series as ic could be, considering that the serial from the 1970s comprised hundreds of hours and the movie was only two. Many of the same characters were present, especially Barnabas Collins’ foe, Angelique Bouchard. I recognized certain television plot elements, especially in the portrayal of Dr. Julia Hoffman.

Some parts of the movie were played for laughs. While the original series was always played straight, its own hokeyness frequently got in the way. I think the movie is definitely less stupid than other Tim Burton / Johnny Depp collaborations. Depp and especially Burton had considerable respect for the original series. They just played up the culture shock of a two century old vampire woken up in 1972. I have to say, a soundtrack that started with “Nights in White Satin” and “Season of the Witch” gave me a feel of the era.

So, what the hell does this have to do with politics? I’m glad you asked. A day after watching the movie, something occurred to me. I’ll try not to spoil with specifics, and I don’t think I need to. The Collins family were, by and large, the heroes of the story. Most of them eventually found themselves protecting their family. Better yet, a wealthy family with an opulent mansion and a large business was the preferably alternative to someone who worked their way up from poverty to succeed only to be revealed as evil.

It’s an interesting point of view, because so many stories are about how rich people are bad and inherited wealth is essentially wasted. For the Collins family, however, they endure in success and failure. In the end, they have family even when they lose so much else. It’s not exactly a movie of family values, with one immoral black sheep and the many killings Barnabas is responsible for, but it is a story of the value of family. Plus, sometimes being a rich family is a good thing for a seaside town.

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Day 1295 – Message Control

May 22, 2012

Call it a sinking ship reaction. When a political party has weak candidates, members start to go their own way like rats in a sinking ship. They can be politically weak or personally weak. In 2008, John McCain had a campaign where he seemed to reach out to Democrats more than his own base. A lot of conservatives were lukewarm about McCain at best, like when Ann Coulter suggested Republicans get drunk before voting McCain. Sarah Palin helped, but people still vote for the top of the ticket.

Obama also had good message control at the time. Bush had been president for 8 years and the Democrats had just gotten back Congress. The word was out among Democrats. If you go Nader, you will repeat the Republican victory of 2004. Support your party at all costs, whether it mean ignoring conservative blue dogs or shutting the hell up if you’re a nutty celebrity. The media generally ignored dissenting voices so dissenting voices died down.

One of the reasons 2002 and 2004 were bed for Democrats is a lack of discipline combined with people who could get on TV. Americans saw the kind of idiots the Democratic Party was supported by. Republicans don’t get as much ready media exposure, so the press has to weed through the worst examples and put them on. In 2006, the Republican Party was pretty much doomed in elections and their message control went to hell.

This year, the message is self-destructing. Many notable Democrats are pushing back against the demonization of Bain Capital. This is no accident. Mitt Romney used to be the head of Bain, but Bain 2012 is a major contributor to the Obama campaign and that could come to an end very quickly. Most Democrats in charge of cities and states want more venture capital, not less. Obama is again burning down other Democrats to stay ahead. This time, however, it won’t trickle down to down ticket races.

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