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Breakfast for DInner

October 6, 2015
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Sometimes as a kid and less often as an adult, I enjoyed the unique pleasure of breakfast for dinner. Basically, it’s serving eggs, pancakes, bacon or sausage in the evening rather than 12 hours earlier. Even though these are breakfast staples, the totality of them can be kind of heavy for a morning meal. For about $10 you can pick up the same thing from McDoanlds.

People have chosen not to conform to rules regarding appropriate times. You can shop on Sundays. You can get groceries at 3 am in the morning. You can use an ATM on Christmas. As people keep later hours, especially on weekends, missing the 10:30 or 11 am cut off for breakfast became a minor annoyance.When I think about this topic, I am reminded of the more drastic reaction in the movie “Falling Down.”

My local McDonalds is currently a pile of rubble to be rebuilt in a few weeks. The one near my workplace started the menu early, with the popular McMuffin and hotcakes. The breakfast burritos were already available for extended hours. I like the egg and cheese biscuit, not on every McDonalds menu. Sadly for me, biscuits didn’t make the cut.

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Shooting in the Wrong Direction

October 5, 2015
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Despite what they’re saying, Democrats do not want an immediate end to gun ownership or new regulations. They tried that three years ago and there are more Republicans in Congress now. This is the worst kind of political pandering. They are attempting to make gun rights advocates look inflexible and out of ideas. Hillary Clinton already has a “gun control” plan which will bring back the “assault” rifle bans of her husband along with de-facto gun bans through unlimited review periods.

Mass shootings happen in America because we have guns, but even countries with gun bans have some (illegal) guns. Worse yet for gun grabbers, bans do not reduce murder rates significantly, but property crimes and assaults skyrocket after gun bans are introduced. For the left, guns being talismans of evil is a matter of faith. It’s kind of ironic considering the shooter at UCC hated religion.

So far, the media has talked about a “conversation” on guns in this country. This conversation usually ends with telling a conservative that they have no ideas. It is preceded by that conservative proving than any ideas the gun control side has are not effective. The UCC shooter had legal guns, so guns laws didn’t work. He had multiple guns, so magazine / clip limits don’t work. Obama sent a bunch of untraceable guns to Mexico, so he doesn’t work.

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Community Esteem

October 4, 2015

Ace of Spades commented on an article from Milo Yiannopoulos about the UCC shooter. The premise of the Breitbart piece was that feminism was restricting the nature of boys to conquer and defeat opponents to the point where they crack. I actually liked Ace’s point better than the alpha males still get to do that, but the “loser” men in society get beaten down by feminist dogma more readily.

There was a shooting a while back where the perpetrator made a video about how he didn’t have sexual access to cheerleaders and it made him want to shoot people. And this kid’s family had some money. Ace mentioned other males in the world who were throwing their lives away.

And there’s always this sort of Failed Man in every society. Japan has a lot of Failed Men. In Japan, there has been a response to realizing one was a Failed Man: Suicide.

In America, these Failed Men still long for suicide, but they wish to be famous, and they’re lonely for company in their way to the grave.

I think this goes back to the difference between boys and girls. Women have been directed toward certain life choices and careers. Men have been directed towards others. Even without that same pressure, men are still construction workers and women are still secretaries in disproportionate numbers. For girls in school, the solution was to instill self-esteem about how great they are. I think this works to some extent because women are more suggestible than men, something that I expect to catch hell for in comments.

For boys, this self-esteem is processed differently. Boys already think they are the most important persons in the world. Normally, life and activities would give them the lesson that they are not. Instead, all the external factors adults control are geared toward either not keeping score in a game or handing out prizes regardless of outcome or effort. What happens when everyone says you can do anything and reality shows otherwise? You learn everyone around you is stupid. Now, you’ve created a man who has low self-esteem and low esteem for everyone else.

That’s my theory of the young male shooter. He can’t find his place in the world, but he blames the world for it. The worst people in the word are the ones he interacts with every day, like fellow students. He didn’t learn to fight to win, he learned that violence was wrong. He then discovered HE was wrong because he couldn’t get the things in life everyone is supposedly entitled to. He couldn’t become a PC hero. Instead, he becomes a powerful villain. I doubt that all the media blackouts in the world will fix this, either. These shooters aren’t thinking about the TV segment a week after he’s cold in the ground. He’s thinking of the power of life and death he holds in his hands in that room while it’s happening.

The bad news is that there’s not much of a solution I can give. It seems to me that a religious upbringing would help a young man see a reality more important than himself. The UCC shooter could have used a religious experience.

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Me Am Smart

October 3, 2015
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One of the reasons that Benjamin Carson was invited to speak one year at the national prayer breakfast was because he was an exceptional man. He was a top neurosurgeon. He came from humble beginnings. He’s Black. Better yet, he was all that and still a Christian. It was just a bonus when he talked about how un-Christian Obama is.

The previous Black Republican candidate from 2012 was Herman Cain. He has an advanced degree in computer science and worked for the Department of the Navy. He was CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. In that capacity, he argued with Bill Clinton in a town hall about the negative impacts of a health care plan that Hillary Clinton was developing. He essentially took away any hope of Hillary Clinton being a legislative leader during Bill Clinton’s administration. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to find a few rabid Hillary fans who would make up a sexual harassment claim during the campaign of 2012.

Then you have guys like Barack Obama. He went to an expensive college and that alone supposedly makes him smart. He never produced work of any substance in his chosen academic major. His grades are a state secret. His lesson plan during his “teaching” career was never to be found. Somehow, we are supposed to listen to what he says as if it means anything.

This year, Ben Carson says the kind of things that would automatically get people labeled as ignorant morons. The only problem is that academic and professional accomplishments mean something to the left, more than making money. Ben Carson is smart by all the calculus used when academics are pulled out of thin air to refute opinions as fact. Newly minted climatologist Bill Nye, the “science” guy, has a simple Bachelors degree which he stopped using professionally 25 years ago.

Much like “liberal” Hollywood, mediocre scientists and engineers find their prospects limited by being against Global Warming fantasies. The most brazen are often given the biggest grants and the most TV exposure. People like Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson get the best of both worlds. They are embraced by the entertainment industry and praised by the rock star scientific community. Neither of them has saved a baby by operating on their brain.

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The Sizzle and the Stakes

October 2, 2015
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Ted Cruz is probably one of the best lawyers of the many, many lawyers in politics. he’s also very unhappy with the way parliamentary procedures are used in Congress. The rules of the Senate developed over the decades to be deliberate. By that token, they are also slow. This would be good, but it also shields lawmakers from making decisions that could affect elections. This has led to only one person, the president, being responsible and theoretical responsible. That’s how you get an imperial presidency.

Sadly, the Republican game plan has been laid bare in just the last decade or so. They are not always the opposition party in the legislature they were for generations and gaining political power is taking precedence over issues.

In 2006, they lost Congress. My opinion was that they supported too many bad candidates (Arlen Specter and airport bathroom guy Larry Craig come to mind) and let Republican slide on self-imposed term limits from 1994. The GOP saw the loss as based on the Iraq War. They had no message in 2008 and were decimated relative to where they had recently been.

This is where they tried to sell the steak with the sizzle. Mitch McConnell, who was about to lose even a filibuster stance with 40 Republicans, declared he was going to thwart the president’s agenda. The Republicans accepted the Tea Party, having no ideas of their own. Incredibly, the House had the power of the purse against Obama and used it extremely briefly in 2011.

The true plan unfolded. The Republicans planned to talk tough to get votes, but not pass any legislation that might lose the votes of non-conservatives. The Senate wanted the majority, so they stopped trying to shut down the government. Through Obama’s horrible actions, people put in a Senate majority out of frustration in 2014. They have done less to thwart the president than when they were 15 members weaker in 2010.

The GOP wants the presidency and they are holding conservative values hostage to do so. If we end up with a Democrat, they may put up a fight for a few months until they go back to campaign mode. It seems like they need to be taught what it means to be the majority in Congress. Either that, or they need to be the minority again.

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I’m Not Against Guns, Either

October 1, 2015

Imagine you are in a classroom and some crazed gunman comes in and starts shooting people. How would you feel? Now imagine that you find a loaded gun behind a table in that room. How different would the situation be? What if every potential victim suddenly found a gun?

The scenario of a gun-free country is ridiculous. There are too many, they are too hard to find and they’re not even that hard to make. It’s kind of like trying to get rid of illegal aliens who are here instead of just moderating the number of new immigrants.

Mostly, I’d like to see this country do things that work, rather than trying to win arguments. The administration isn’t pissed about people dying. They’re pissed that people disagree with them about gun control..

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I’m Not Against Deportation

September 30, 2015
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Back in the normal days of politics, the Republican Party held to what I call the Lou Dobbs standard. Employers would be required to use the federal E-Verify system and resolve any inconsistencies. Identification should also be required for government services. Also, the IRS needs to stop issuing taxpayer ID numbers to illegal immigrants to give them the semblance of legality. A wall or fence would also be needed, mostly to protect the US from criminals, drug dealers, gang members or rapist coyotes.

Preventing the possibility of employment removes the “magnet,” or incentive for Mexicans to seek illegal work in the US. Removing welfare would create a situation where illegal immigrants would have to self-deport, i.e. leave. Is this possible? It would require non-corrupt politicians and some laws to be passed. Also, some lawsuits would be fought. It’s unlikely.

Enforced deportation, on the other hand, seems like an extreme solution in reality. As a talking point, it’s a real crowd pleaser. When 70% of Americans support deportation, that number is bound to drop by half as soon as some of their Facebook friends call them racists and compare them to Hitler. I call that soft support. Mainstream Republicans, RINO or conservative, are not warm on the idea. Libertarians reject it outright because they believe in a minimum wage of $0 where anyone in the world should be able to compete with an American for a job.

The best social engineering occurs when small changes result in positive behavior by the people themselves. Taking away incentives in the US makes illegals more prone to leave. Fair is not part of the equation. Government does all kinds of unfair and wrong things. I believe in KISS – keep it simple, stupid.

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The Scorpion

September 29, 2015
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The story of the scorpion and the frog is actually an American variant of other Aesop’s fables. In it, a frog agrees to carry a scorpion on his back across a river after the scorpion promises not to sting him. Unfortunately, the scorpion can’t help stinging, as it is his nature, and they both drown.

I think the problem with the leadership in the Republican party is they do not understand that there is a scorpion in one Barack Hussein Obama. It is in Obama’s nature to be petty, thin-skinned and occasionally operate against his own self-interest. For example, the Sequester was a plan that could potentially impact Democratic party sacred cows, but he never thought the GOP would call his bluff on it. Obamacare was the legislation that sealed the fate against a continued Democratic majority.

If it is in someone’s nature not to negotiate when they have to give up something they want, the only response should be to force their hand. Instead, the GOP and pundits use terms like “zones” of possibility and compromise to explain why some men want to see the world burn. The sad fact is that Americans voted for an awful human being and sometimes you have to fight evil.

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A Stone Wall

September 28, 2015
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Donald Trump’s interviewer yesterday was 60 Minutes anchor Scott Pelley. A lot of conversation from conservatives compared the tough, often pointed questions by Pelley to the softballs lobbed in Obama interviews.

It appears that this matches with Sharyl Attkison’s book “Stonewalled” where she wrote about how her stories were left to languish rather than be rejected outright, often after a number of re-writes by Pelley to remove the news content from them.

This is a good indicator for Trump of the difference between hard questions from a legitimate news organization, like Fox, and a bunch of attack questions by a biased media source like CBS. Then again, maybe Trump’s attack on Fox is just a ruse to get on more “mainstream” media.

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90 Minutes

September 27, 2015
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CBS had an extended 60 Minutes on tonight featuring Donald Trump in one story. Trump has that liberal thing down where they say something insane with total conviction, eventually making arguing with them impossible. This was the Pajama Boy strategy. Like many Republicans, it’s another “right person, wrong job” scenario. He should be a consultant for Republican candidates. Maybe the GOP should elect him Speaker of the House. He would be only 2 places away from the presidential line of succession.

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