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When Liberals Cross the Streams

July 29, 2015
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Dr. Ben Carson was on CNN and was asked about attempts to cut the grant money earmarked for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood rarely does anything an OB/GYN can’t do, except terminate pregnancies (and sell their delivery services for dead babies). The best answer is when Jake Tapper asks what low-income neighborhoods would do without Planned Parenthood (by the way, they charge for everything anyway).

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Obamacare killed Planned Parenthood?

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Hack Attack

July 28, 2015
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I guess hackers have some kind of social conscience.

A group (or person, I don’t know how that works) exploited holes in Planned Parenthood’s computer system to get administrative access and get information (e-mails, files) from network users. Besides the organ harvesting, the hack may have been motivated by using abortion as a from of income shown in recent videos.

While I am generally amused by this incident, a new video today is starting to focus on a key player, Stem Express. This company, which sounds like it can get you fetal organs in 30 minutes or less, appears to get the bulk of the financial benefit. Planned Parenthood is only legally (although it fits the definition of a kickback) allowed to get a transport fee, which is a mere fraction of the actual value of terminated human life.

I still think there’s more there there. I, for one, am very interested in the full scope of Stem Express’ “charitable” and political donations. I think another website could use some hacking.

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Not Afraid of Trump

July 27, 2015
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My feelings about the Donald Trump presidential campaign have always been mostly concern, although his supporters have been painting any criticism of Trump as fear of him “shaking things up” or “telling the truth” or other BS. In 2012, there were about a half-dozen “front-runners” before Romney ran away with the nomination. My money is on Walker doing that this year. Trump may also drop out early when people date him and marry a more established candidate.

My concern is close to a fear of someone spoiling the contest in such a way that it gives enough votes to the Democrats. If Trump completely goes off the rails and says Republicans are the worst losers in the world and everyone should stay home, it could affect the election. One theory holds that Ralph Nader may have shifted the vote just enough in 2000 (people who voted for him plus people who stayed home because they didn’t like the alternative) that Florida went to Bush by 500 votes. That is my fear. Trump is just a fear monger.

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They Report. I Decide Not To Watch

July 26, 2015
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I saw Meghan McCain for the first time as a Fox News contributor. I guess she tried the rest and went to the best. Sadly, Fox isn’t really best if they hiring McCain, who is also hosting one of those radio shows that’s not syndicated anywhere.

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Obama Went Back to Kenya

July 25, 2015

Hopefully he didn’t eat a dog.

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Why Capitalism Works

July 24, 2015
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Not to give away much about myself, but I work for a company with a relationship to the McDonald’s Corporation. Today, I was discussing NY governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to raise the minimum wage for employees of large food corporations (McDonald’s, Burger King and others) to a ridiculous $15 an hour. The minimum wage in the state is $9 an hour and half of upstate New York probably makes less than $13 an hour. In NYC, wages (still less than $15/hr) and other costs are already so high that franchises can’t offer “dollar menu” items for $1.

Any number of people where I work, who have sometimes decades in with the company, said they would quit to work at McDonald’s for $15/hr. My guess is that won’t happen. If that switch were pulled, the number of employees at McDonald’s restaurants would plummet. In Europe and Oak Brook (McD headquarters) they are already using kiosks for ordering and sometimes machines to expedite sandwiches. If you could run a shift with 2-3 employees, they could all be salaried anyway. The low-tech solution to insane wages is to reduce the overall number of stores in your territory. Where I live, there are two McDonald’s within 5 minutes of each other. It might save money to just consolidate the two and hope the inconvenience doesn’t lose too much business.

Socialism is about rewriting the way people do things to better allocate resources. It involves complex rules and enforcement to force people to do things against their self-interest. Dissatisfaction is so strong most times that either the workers have to be pacified (unsustainable social benefits) or punished (the Reign of Terror). These systems breed underground “black” markets and high level corruption and eventually fail. When it fails, it is often painful.

Why does capitalism work? In short, it is a self-enforcing system where doing better is rewarded and doing nothing is not. In longer form, here are some reasons.

  • Capitalism is simple. The rule is that something is worth what people are willing to pay for it. Before Chinese manufacturing, new products were often more expensive, and people went without them. In some cases, they were built better and could be resold. People pick up many items from garage sales or hand me downs. Now, the goods are less robust but cheaper to buy. That personal computer you bought in the 80’s probably didn’t see its successor for a decade. Now you can buy a new iPhone every few years.
  • Capitalism abhors waste. Most people who own a car have less than 1.5 passengers in it while it’s operating. Plus, it sits somewhere about 95% of the time. What if you could make a few bucks by picking up and driving people when you had some available time? Welcome to Uber. The same goes for renting out an unused guest room.
  • Capitalism consolidates labor. One thing McDonald has tried is using call centers to take drive-thru orders and transit them to their ordering system. Other places use online ordering. Taco Bell has an app that allows you to drive through without yelling your entire order through the speaker. Less work per employee means fewer employees, a necessity when socialism rears its ugly head.
  • Capitalism values competence. We’ve all heard stories about communist countries and the guaranteed jobs that people constantly slack at. In the US, we have union auto workers doing drugs during lunch. In a purely capitalist system, there would be no minimum wage. With no minimum wage, employers wouldn’t have a government-sanctioned low point. People would work at their jobs until they were better than the wage, and find another job with better pay. With government jobs in the US offering better pay and more benefits with lower expectations, employers in the private sector can’t compete for skilled workers and those skilled workers can work below their potential.

The most insidious thing about socialist policies is that the loss is in the innovation and efficiency lost that we never see. As socialism makes an economy worse, the solution seems to be more socialism. Then we have to wait decades for it to fail and people to come to their senses.

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Crap Hits the Floor

July 23, 2015
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The GOP leadership has some opinions about what makes a good presidential candidate and what loses and wins elections. Those opinions usually run contrary to the ones held by conservatives. Both groups know why Romney lost. The GOP thinks it because he was caught saying that 47% thing. Conservatives know it was because Romney tried to run to the middle, alienating the Republican base and not energizing any disgruntled Obama voters from 2008.

The perfect GOP candidate is probably Jeb Bush, ideally with Marco Rubio as a running mate. They’ll be pro-Mexican, pro immigration, anti-tax, strong on defense and as middle-of-the-road on everything else. There’s also a place for men like Scott Walker and Ted Cruz. They have no room for Donald Trump.

I won’t be voting for Trump and I don’t particularly like the way he does things. I also know that the last thing you want to do is try to muscle him out. He had to go against unions, some country club Republicans won’t scare him. Now, stories are coming out that Republican donors want to rig the first debate. Since any poll puts Trump in the top 3 at least, there could very well be a debate with Trump, Walker, Jeb Bush and Rubio, with others up in the air. This apparently isn’t good enough and those donors want Walker, Jeb and Marco to boycott a debate with Trump.

Of course, such an action smacks of fear and disrespect for the whole idea of popular voting for candidates. It also shows a GOP misreading of the 2012 primaries. Winners shifted constantly and it seemed like every time one candidate caught fire, they would burn out. Does that mean there were too many candidates? I think it’s because the primary voting base differs dramatically from the target candidate the GOP wants to run. In 2000, no one thought George W. Bush would win the primaries, including Bush himself. However, Bush ran on conservative principles and beliefs, eventually overcoming a “maverick” who kept trying to avoid Senate battles.

Maybe the GOP should consider a direct nomination process, where they choose their candidate in a smoke-filled back room and try to get America to vote for him. It would save a lot of time and money. Plus, it would avoid the messy process of debates and primaries. Then again, they could just let people vote for someone they want to see elected.

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Bush 3 or Clinton 3: Oh Hell No!

July 22, 2015
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To put things in perspective, we are still more than 15 months away from Election Day 2016. Of the 17(!) Republicans running for the nomination, I suspect half of them won’t be viable by the date of the first primary. Trump can run as long as he wants to spend his own money. Bush has other people’s money. Marco Rubio has some establishment ties. Scott Walker is a combination of good qualifications without an off-putting personality. As far as the rest, it’s anybody’s guess.

My opinion on the Democrats is aside from all of them sucking, Hillary Clinton does not have what it takes to win. People do not like her. People don’t like Obama, either, but not enough people knew he was an asshole. Clinton has had two decades to put people off. Democrats have had disturbingly god luck putting up people with little information and crafting a story. That will be tough with Elizabeth Warren, but they really like socialists.

The good news is that I am about 99% sure that the ultimate contest will not be Bush v Clinton, again.

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Abortion is About the Money

July 21, 2015
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In a little noticed blog post of mine nearly 6 years ago, I mentioned Obama lifting the ban on research using new “lines” of embryonic stem cells. What you may remember is Michael J. Fox going in front of Congress to claim that more stem cell research could cure him. You might also remember the media backlash when Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Fox looked more symptomatic than usual during that testimony. What the result of half a decade of research? Michael J. Fox and others downplay the importance of stem cells in favor of pharmaceutical solutions.

So now we have more “research” that seems to be like hydrogen fuel cells, always 10 years away, every 10 years. Money is going to these projects and babies are being chopped up and sold like fancy Soylent Green. Seriously, Hannibal Lecter could buy fetal liver with his Chianti. Stem Express is making out like a bandit (who steals babies and dissects them) while paying Planned Parenthood transport fees. You would think they could pick up grim remains¬†for free, but then there would be no legal kickback.

The road map for the Obama term was to get the money first, then change policy later. The results of policy are really coming fast now. However, things like the Stimulus (and the billions of missing dollars) and the early decision to make fetal remains profitable made sure that benefactors were paid first. Remember the auto bailout? The unions got paid off and the actual financial investors were screwed. The left is so obvious these days, I rarely try to “prove” the reality to anyone anymore. If they can’t see it with their own eyes, they’ll need some stem cells to grow some brain cells.

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Trump Lost a Long Time Ago

July 20, 2015
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I never really confuse politicians who are outrageous with the ones who are resolute. Bill Clinton had three things going for him in 1992. Most Democrats didn’t jump in because Bush looked too hard to beat. Bush lost support quickly over 1992 and Bill Clinton was outrageous. I’m partially talking about the draft dodging, pot smoking and bimbos, but even what he said was bold on occasion. Look at Sister Souljah.

Just to show left-wing dogma never changes,¬†Sister Souljah tried to spout the same “Black lives matter” message during the LA riots. In her case, she argued that Black people should stop killing Black people for a week and start killing Whites instead. Clinton went to the Rainbow Coalition and said if Black and White were reversed in her statement, it would sound like David Duke. Of course, that isn’t true. Duke never advocated for White people to kill Black people. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton recently tried to say all lives matter and was practically called a racist.

Trump is outrageous, but not resolute. Last weekend, he started to say that Sen. John McCain wasn’t a war “hero,” but the negative reaction was palpable and he backtracked in the same sentence. Instead, he claimed that McCain was only a hero because he was captured and that he liked people who aren’t. This isn’t some faux pas. Trump will invariably say things that are offensive to most people along with the things that are offensive to only some people. Trump has changed his opinion on abortion, gave money to numerous Democrats in New York with the implication that donations are a form of bribery and made a mockery out of the media’s lack of curiosity about Obama by constantly asking for a “birth certificate” even after one was signed off by Hawaii’s chief health official.

I would like it if Scott Walker would talk tough on immigration, but he has a lot of other issues he is strong on. Walker is resolute. Thanks to Trump, immigration will be a radioactive issue until at least 2016. Good for you, Donald. Now get the hell out of the race.

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