Days of Change

Day 1085 – Middle Eastern Caliphation

October 25, 2011

One of the strange things I’ve seen lately is the willingness of Democrats to cheer Jackass’ hits on various leaders (or the occasional American citizen). Not only that, but they insist that their newly acquired taste for blood extend to Republicans who supported the War on Terror. Gaddafi had nothing to do with the War on Terror. He was an early ally (of sorts) with the US after the war began. UBL was taken out without the Pakistani government, something that may affect our political relationship. The old caution was that killing foreign leaders might end with the assassination of our leader, but Obama is apparently 10 feet tall and bulletproof.

If we look at the Middle East, however, we find that there is much more happening than regime change. Dictators like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were Muslims for show. They were attempting to bring their countries out of religious rule because it was bad for their business. Now they’re gone and Sharia law is back. Afghanistan was ruled by a religious group. Those Muslims thought nothing of blowing up Buddhist statues 2000 years old or training terrorists. Karzai became a symbol of more secular democracy. Now, he’s so scared of losing his power, he’s gone anti-American.

What we have is a region that will be more ruled by Muslim law in the next decade. It’s a caliphate, if you will. Everything Obama has done so far has had the effect of eliminating personalities and replacing them with religious groups unbound by any form of stable government. Mind you, I don’t think this was some evil Muslim Obama plan. This is more like the result of an incompetent fool in the White House not able to think further ahead than the next news cycle. Which head of state will get it next? Only God knows.

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