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Day 1075 – I Assume the Occupy Wall Street Movie is Next

October 15, 2011
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So, the people from Occupy Waaa Street, meaning the Obama cronies paying for this fakery, have created an ad with various hand-picked people and no antisemitism unlike the occupy crowd.

I offered my take on The Crawdad Hole earlier.

“I want to see more serious political conversation”
Try initiating them instead of squatting in a park with people who agree.

“I want corporations out of the government.”
Since corporations aren’t part of the government, I assume he means their influence. He probably still wants their tax money.

“I want peace rather than militarization.”
Most of us want peace. I don’t want to disband the military.

“I want the wealthiest to be taxed more and pay for education.”
You can tax the rich more and you can spend more on education, but the money will actually come from deficit spending.

“I want economic justice.”
I want a pony. That doesn’t even make sense. Next.

“I want to speak my voice without jeopardizing my job.”
That depends on your job and what you say.

“I want greater regulation of the banks and the markets.” Then you’d better get rid of Dodd and Frank, because they write a lot of crony shit into their regulation.

“I want my kids to have a job and health care.”
Should the government supply both?

“I want true democracy for the 99% of us who don’t have it anymore.”
What’s true democracy? Crowd source voting?

I have to say this is quite a load. Every one of these things can be affected by voting. The Tea Party did it by voting in primaries and general elections. About 6 of these demands are Democratic issues members have failed to deliver. They’ll never get them if they keep voting for the party-assigned primary choice.

You know why the Tea Party was so powerful? The Republicans had to listen to them. They were on the outs. They lost the White House and they basically had 1-2 votes above a filibuster. They even lost that for a while. If Democrats want the party to listen to them, vote their asses out!

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