Days of Change

Day 1062 – The Cain Train

October 2, 2011
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Herman Cain had a slight uptick early on through Sarah Palin supporters who found Cain to be the kind of outsider who wouldn’t back the party line. In fact, many delighted in the possibility of a Palin-Cain ticket. The Republicans would not only have the first woman president, but the first African-American president along with a female president.

Now he’s on fire in the polls. He won Florida’s straw poll. He’s neck and neck with Obama and he’s in the top 3, about the same place Bachmann was a month ago, in the primary race.  He’s doing so well that the media has begun turning on him, his 9-9-9 plan and his lack of cronyism experience.

Cain is probably the strongest tea party candidate in the field at this point. Ron Paul has just too many unpopular views and unlikable supporters. I think Cain would be good for the Republican party. I may be holding out for Sarah Palin, but I can accept this substitute.

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