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Day 1066 – Democrats for Romney?

October 6, 2011
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I vacillate between thinking the Obama administration is really dumb or sporadically smart. They may be hoping for Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination because his support seems to plateau at the 25% level. If he somehow gets the 40% or so needed to win a contested primary race, that other half of the Republican base may sit home enough to drag Obama across the finish line.

The wonky take of course is that Romney isn’t as “scary” as the conservative or Tea Party candidates and disaffected Democrats could see themselves voting for him. He’s also managed to capture a number of endorsements from Republicans who are not running for president or decided to stop. If there still was a smoke-filled room in the Republican Party, Romney’s name would emerge from it.

I’m note sure why independents would be crazy about this guy, but there is a reason for Democrats to vote for him. Sure, he’s got big money connections. He has a conservative agenda. He also may be as much of a crony as President Obama, but he has one advantage. He’s a Republican.

You see, the media is pretty much in the tank for Obama. The progressive and liberal organizations are as well. Even if Obama engages in activities that would be called out under a Republican president, they will be explained or ignored by the distributors of news. So, we might as well elect a Republican. That way, the people who previously swaddled their plastic Jesus will be filled with anger and vengeance. It’s a good way to keep the next administration honest. If the media can’t do their job with the messiah they want, then he needs to be taken away from them.

Romney 2012: He won’t get away with anything.

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