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Day 1064 – Who Will Play Eric Holder in the Fast and the Furious Movie?

October 4, 2011
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It looks like the oddly machismo-themed scandal “Fast and Furious” is getting the administration furious fast. Obots have been playing a game where they take a story, extract the real story and make up a fake story to assault their detractors. For example, Solyndra is a story about a company who got $500 million from the government and went bankrupt. The real story is that a company owned by an Obama campaign donor got needed funding, even though their fall was predicted by the government the same month when it happened. The fake story is that Obama’s critics thinks solar power is the tool of the devil.

Fast and Furious doesn’t work out as well. The story is worse than the real story and the fake story is to ignore it. The Justice Department decided to let weapons go to drug dealers so they could be tracked. That’s bad enough. Then they lost track of the weapons. But wait, it gets worse. Those weapons ended up being involved in the commission of crimes. The only less bad news is that one of the guns probably wasn’t used to shoot Rep. Giffords.

Eric Holder is now in the position of being investigated for lying to Congress. It’s kind of hilarious when I see videos of Wall Street occupiers bitching about Glenn Beck’s crazy conspiracies when his instincts about the administration are more accurate every day.

This is how it begins. I hope President Obama understands that his Attorney General is in contempt of Congress and killing American citizens without a trial, because they make YouTube videos, is an impeachable offense. It’s a really good idea to get out of the race now, because a second term will end with a criminal verdict.

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