Days of Change

Day 1077 – Greta Garbo, They Ain’t

October 17, 2011

Presidential candidate John Kerry once said that he was not going to explain what he would do to fix Bush’s foreign policy errors because it would give away his secret plans. Voters pretty much laughed it off and voted for the already unpopular president by an acceptable margin. Back then, people cared about transparency.

Today, the Occupy X movement is clinging to the secret sauce that is their mission statement, list of demands or lobotomy scar. This matches up with my tortured liberal porn analogy. Now that we have the old timey sit in, the new world order of communal decisions and a bunch of free food and advertising from nebulous sources, the seduction is over.

Now it’s time for the foreplay. Sure, protesters and media alike are aching for that sudden release of information about what they want, when do they want it or even who the hell they are. If that happens, the thrill will be over and everyone will lose interest and go home. To extend this just long enough, they have to play their first concrete statement like the first line Greta Garbo spoke in the talkies.

It’s pretty obvious nothing will live up to the fantasy of a unified collective of the 99% of the world who lives in either abject poverty or comfortable upper middle class paradise, depending on where you call home. Every single occupier has a different opinion about what the protests mean. They can’t even get this 99% thing straight. 1 percenters include the Hollywood do-nothings who support the cause, (until they have to pay taxes and move to France) the guy who makes in the mid six figures in NYC and has to pay for an expensive apartment and kids in college on 45% of his salary after taxes and the parents of oh so many of these kids who are camping out in brand new gear.

This is the slickest media campaign since a certain election campaign a few years ago. The only things ragged and out-of-place are the occupiers themselves. Is the messenger more important than the message? When there is no message, I’d say the ones supplying the narrative are the only important ones.

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