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Day 1072 – Is it Astrotuf if They Sit on the Pavement?

October 12, 2011
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Occupy Wall Street seems to be in full swing now, with people living like bums in “public” areas, turning them into private hellholes where private citizens are scared to enter. I know the dirty hippie thing has been overused, but the average American just doesn’t find the idea of setting up a tent in the same square yard in the middle of a city as a useful experience.

This is something I found kind of funny about the Tea Party and multimillionaire Nancy Pelosi’s claims of astroturf. So what if the Koch brothers contributed to Tea Party groups? Tea Party members like billionaires. They rallied to show their opposition to government taxation and intervention. It was the other side who had busloads of public employee union members brought in for instant protests. The Tea Party are the ones who sparked the turnover in Congress and state houses in 2010. So far, the OWS crowd is shilling for Obama’s ersatz jobs bill.

I think the protests are a very clever way to convince liberals not to criticize Obama for murdering American citizens without trial, giving preferential funding to “green” companies who contributed to his campaign and running guns to Mexican drug lords. At least most people can see past the smoke screen.


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