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Day 1069 – Not Rocket Science

October 9, 2011
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Republicans are frequently denigrated as being stupid. In some cases they are paradoxically labeled as both evil geniuses and drooling morons at the same time. It should be no surprise that Herman Cain is similarly mocked. It doesn’t matter that he has a degree in mathematics and a Masters in computer science. He was literally a rocket scientist for the Navy.

None of this was important to fiction writer Lawrence “Crazy Larry” O’Donnell. On MSNBC, he condemned Cain for not attending civil rights marches in the 60’s, apparently choosing school instead. Larry thinks that marching is a critical part of political activity. Of course, he’s a white liberal. It makes him an expert on race.

Herman Cain used his education to get a steady job, something that was hard in his family growing up. He was able to use his intelligence to get into business. He saved a company that employed thousands of people.

You can march or protest all you want, but what happens afterward? Some would say that Cain owes some of his success to the people who marched for civil rights. In reality, it’s a two-way street. The cause of civil rights needed people like Herman Cain, who were educated and capable. People like him could demonstrate that they are as good as any white professional.

President Obama is very much the model of a recipient of favoritism. His family was rich and well-connected. He moved around, but always ended up in the private school wherever he went. His unique history alone was considered important at Harvard, regardless of academic ability. His political career was mentored by big players in Chicago politics. Still, even with a staff of people around him, he can’t get the job done. It’s a good thing he isn’t the example of the fruits of the civil rights movement.

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