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Day 1061 – Could We Have One Election Without Florida Messing With It?

October 1, 2011
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Florida has made itself the first in the nation primary, for the time being. Their argument is that Florida is the biggest toss-up state and they have an important voice in the presidential election. So important in fact, that the Republican party has stripped them of half their delegates for this action.

Something similar happened in 2008 when Florida moved up their primary. The Democratic Party tried to eliminate them from the convention, then decided to give a chunk of the delegation to Obama. The Republicans are sticking to their outcome instead of making it up on the fly like the DNC.

This is really getting stupid. Why not have a national primary on January 31. That way, we can skip the steps of having candidates actually campaign and get ideas out. It’s almost like 2004, when John Kerry’s Iowa Caucus win made him the de facto nominee.

As weird as the system is, primaries are held so that small states can have retail politicking and candidates don’t need $10 million ad buys in the first month. If this system fails, we have one other option. That’s to let the party do it in a smoke-filled room. Next year, there will be 50 presidential elections and 538 people will vote for president. It may seem weird, but its worked for two centuries. You know, except when Florida voted in 2000.

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