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Day 1076 – You Can’t Eat if You Don’t Come to the Table

October 16, 2011
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In my Sunday morning blog travels, I found a link to a link leading to a story on the Russia Today website. I was introduced to RT from my digital cable box. Apparently, this is communist-leaning news from a country run by an ex-KGB gangster. They interviewed a man named Karl Denninger, who claims to be the founder of the Tea Party. If you watch the video, skip ahead about a minute to avoid a clip of a certain HBO dirtbag.

Denninger has decided that Occupy Wall Street is the new and more authentic Tea Party. Apparently, the Tea Party has been co-opted by Republicans. This new group is camping out, something he thought would be needed to get anything done.

I would have more respect for Denninger had he not trashed the Tea Party movement before they even took Congress away from the Democrats. This video from October 2010 on MSNBC, shows him telling Dylan Ratigan and the soon-to-be-canned Cenk Uygur that the Tea Party is a right-wing operation and they need to start over. This is one month before the election of 2010.

In fact, you’ll see Uygur laying out the OWS battle plan. He even goes beyond Wall Street, calling for protesting the Fed and Tim Geithner. Any surprise MSNBC traded him in for media prostitute Al Sharpton?

For Karl Denninger, the good is the enemy of the perfect. Accept no substitutes. If the Tea Party isn’t doing what he wants, they are no good to him. His website is full of Wall Street’s misdeeds and calls to action. But what calls to action? People still have to vote. A third-party is fine, but it will be in the wilderness for a decade. The last new party, the Republicans, took years to finally have real power in government. Violence won’t do it. During the French Revolution, weapons were still hand-to-hand. Now, the military can mow down a thousand people with one gunner.

The Tea Party grew up. They, the much maligned Sarah Palin and even Glenn Beck called for Democrats to join this Tea Party movement. There were no takers. They had many Republicans take up the cause. Some agreed with them, others were desperate for a coalition.

Did the GOP move the Tea Party to the right? Only if you believe their goals were already to the left. Remember, the Republicans voted down TARP in 2008. Then they were bribed into voting yes the next time. I think the Tea Party just helped to clear out some, but not all, of the cronyism in the party.

The interesting part about OWS is men like Denninger, the occasional Ron Paul supporter and even Newt Gingrich are competing with the Democratic Party to co-opt the protesters. If the Occupiers decide to shun conservatives and libertarians who are against bailouts, do they show themselves to be the arm of the Democratic Party that so many think they are already?

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