Days of Change

Day 1071 – The Debate No One Saw

October 11, 2011
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The only venue for tonight’s debate I could find is Bloomberg television, a channel I couldn’t get three months ago. Unfortunately, it’s on a topic where Republicans shine, the economy. People seem to get squeamish about Republicans on social issues, some more than others. They do, however, really like to see lower taxes and less wasteful spending.

With Romney and Perry harping on each other’s records, Herman Cain had the floor for his 9-9-9 plan. It’s definitely bold. I just don’t know if it’s workable. The last bold change in tax policy was Ronald Reagan’s recession-ending reduction in the top tax rate. Bush 41 raised taxes a little. Clinton raised them more. Bush 43 cut them. Obama has done even less, suspending taxes that will cut into the available Social Security funds.

At this point, the best tax plan is the one that makes the tax code the size of a car’s owner manual instead of a tax code the size of a car.

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