Days of Change

Day 1067 – Ahhh, Alinsky

October 7, 2011

There has been a good deal of misdirection in the Occupy <insert name here> movement. People are becoming message obsessed. I don’t even mean the media who has been trying to cobble together what the message even is. Both sides have been arguing about the need for a message itself.

First, there is no message. The idea of occupying a place would have the message that it belongs to everyone. Even that message only holds if it includes everyone. Any message at all about anything political or social starts to divide people. Instead, we get various forms of consciousness raising. People are there for an unending hippie dippy jam session. Different views are welcome, but they will be disavowed by the movement at large.

This ends up being the opposite of the Tea Party philosophy. Tea Partier Number One, Rick Santelli, was talking about the government bailing out people with underwater mortgages. It moved on to bank bailouts and taxation. It gained traction with Obamacare. It culminated with 2010 electoral victories for Obama’s opposition. The message was focused (and occasionally refocused) and the meetings were a corollary to action.

So what’s going on here? Why get a group of people together with no goal? The answer is to get bodies. These protests are designed to fill the streets, interfere with public life and stress the system.

Saul Alinsky isn’t just the boogeyman for conservatives who think he’s going to dismantle the federal government with communists and cronies. He’s also the kind of amoral organizer who figures if you can’t get to the people at the top, make things a pain in the ass for the middle and the bottom and they will attack the people at the top who are supposed to keep order. Anarchy is a kind of power in itself.

Unfocused gatherings and complaints about “society” are a form of liberal-minded masturbation. The calls against the power of the rich is the porn. It feels a lot better than looking at the standard-bearer for the Democratic Party killing Americans for polls and profit or running guns to drug cartels.

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