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Fox You!

September 23, 2015
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Donald Trump has been a fixture on Fox News for years. During The Apprentice, he appeared on Fox and Friends the next morning of every episode, even though it was on NBC. Fox News loves him as a personality. As a presidential candidate, they can’t exactly kiss his ass. I guess that’s not good enough for him.

Fox News has been called an arm of the Republican Party nearly since its inception. The content of the channel is conservative leaning. The nightly shows fall between middle of the road to highly conservative. In practice, it means they don’t run endless stories about global warming and in return they show the ACORN and Planned Parenthood tapes other networks avoid.

Donald Trump is the ultimate RINO. He’s been a Democrat and given money to Democrats for years. Most of the time, that’s what he’s called on by the likes of Fox News. He says rude and offensive things and sometimes offensive things are really offensive, not just “politically incorrect.” If people on the right feel so helpless against the GOP “establishment,” maybe they need to start their own party instead of blaming Fox for actually asking questions.

I’m glad Trump is boycotting Fox. Maybe now it will starve his movement of oxygen.


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