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What Catholics Do

September 1, 2015
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I have mentioned before that legal attempts to stop abortion are not very effective. They only show the value a government places on human life. The Catholic Church has stepped in where government has not by excommunicating women who have abortions. The Church also does not recognize the end of a marriage unless an annulment is granted. Pope Francis has announced a sort of amnesty where women who seek forgiveness can return to the Church during this Holy Year.

Depending on your personal beliefs, abortion can be considered equivalent to manslaughter. The Catholic Church does not excommunicate even for this heinous crime, presumably because there are civil consequences. Abortion has no consequences in most modern countries. Still, any sin can be forgiven with the willingness of the sinner to atone for their sin and true contrition for what they’ve done.

As a Catholic, I think this is a necessary step. Separating someone from the Church is an action of finality, much like Hell is the destination for those who refuse to seek forgiveness. Still, it is about contrition. If abortion is a regular practice for someone, I cannot see any way they can be forgiven for it.


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