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September 2, 2015

I watched an episode of Red Eye from last week where comedian Jesse Joyce talked about his personal experience with Donald Trump. He wrote for the Comedy Central Roast of The Donald and found him to be humorless and micromanaging. He gave a lot of notes that made some of the jokes unfunny and unusable. He also corrected one joke to add more billions to his net worth.

I’m going to drop the pretense of liking Donald Trump at all as a person. I also think he’s doing the same thing Obama did in 2008, saying shit he doesn’t believe to get elected. Remember when Obama criticized partisanship in the wake of a Republican administration fighting a Democratic Congress? Trump is now using the more populist rhetoric of the Tea Party, even though he has believed the exact opposite for years.

Even so, the GOP has to stop trying to manipulate primaries and caucuses to get the nomination for a certain candidate. These contests are voluntary. The Republicans could choose to not hold any primaries at all and simply select a candidate in a smoke-filled back room. These contests were created to get popular support. Crushing that support to fake a result is running against their interests.

I also saw the show “Key and Peele” where they talk about Gremlins 2 (1990). The building owner is named Daniel Clamp, a not-so-subtle reference to Donald Trump.


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