Days of Change

And the Stupid Season Begins

September 21, 2015
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I can’t really be surprised Scott Walker had to drop out of the presidential race. He didn’t interview well enough, and all we care about now is the good interview. On paper, he’s the best Republican governor for president. He went after the primary Democratic party funding scheme while saving money for Wisconsin and even the teachers who decided not to pay dues anymore. To use the vernacular, he made Wisconsin great. Plus, he was my pick for president, so I obviously won’t get to vote for him.

Everyone else sucks. Mark my words, the GOP will lose the White House and possibly the Senate in 2016. They don’t have the will Scott Walker has. Donald Trump has no core principles. Carly Fiorina couldn’t win a Senate campaign with her own money. Ben Carson started his campaign based on trash talking Obama to his face at a breakfast. Everyone else is in the (low) single digits.

Right now, I’d vote for Biden.


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