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Islamic Government

September 20, 2015
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Ben Carson made some Trump-level news today when he said that a Muslim president wasn’t a good idea because Islam was not consistent with the principles¬†of the Constitution. This makes a certain amount of sense. Look at how angry the left gets when Obama is called a Muslim. Obama has never said that “I wouldn’t do anything different as a Muslim.” Instead, he has whipped out credentials which only go to show that he started attending church for political convenience. Much like being a Muslim, being a Christian covers a broad spectrum of adherence. Then again, a Muslim can be murdered for not being devout enough.

I’ve written before about the toxic mix of politics and Islam. Frankly, I can’t think of a Muslim country that isn’t shady at best. I don’t know that Muslims can’t handle modern democracy, but ¬†it hasn’t been a naturally occurring state. I think I’d rather have an atheist president of the United States than a Muslim, but it’s not much of a step up.


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