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Rick Perry and Sarah Palin

September 12, 2015

Rick Perry announced he was suspending his campaign. Unless he goes to Trump tower and murders the Donald in hand-to-hand combat, that means Perry is done with his run for the nomination. Rick Perry is a governor and a massive job creator. He’s got many positive qualities, but he was beaten with the dumb stick by the media and no theatrical ads could help him.

I am reminded of the condescension involved when pundits in 2008 suggested Sarah Palin go back to Alaska and “study” to become a more seasoned candidate in 2012 when they could destroy her properly. Rick Perry went home to Texas and brushed up on foreign policy. That gave him the prize of being the first candidate to drop out in a field of 17.

I’ve gone over the Palin story before. To make it short, Palin was a regular citizen who ran for mayor. She was appointed to a state position where she fought corruption and decided the only way she could defeat it was to be governor. When she left that office to avoid constant frivolous investigations by Democrats in Alaska’s legislature, she was able to be a citizen again. With money and notoriety, she tried to do what she could for herself, her family, her party and her country. For that, she was called a clown by Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck strikes me as one of those guys who could easily be able to talk a bunch of people to poison themselves at a remote compound in the northwest. Instead, he created a media empire almost absent from television. This week, he gave the John Ziegler excuse, that Sarah Palin’s nebulous handlers turned her against him. He then called her a clown for supporting Trump. The “clown” thing was retracted the next day.

If Trump were not running for president, he would be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of opinions held by Republicans and conservatives in this country. That is what Sarah supports. She is not condoning his comments, because everyone says something wrong, like Glenn Beck. Rick Perry had the misfortune of saying things wrongly at the wrong time. He was also one of the first to trash Trump.


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