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I Earned You this Microphone

September 9, 2015
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At a presidential debate in Nashua for Republicans, Ronald Reagan paid for the event. This led to the famous “I am paying for this microphone” remark when the moderator tried to cut the audio. In 2015, things are going a little differently.

Donald Trump released a letter to CNN head Jeff Zucker. He suggested that rumors are that CNN is quadrupling their normal ad rates in anticipation of ratings similar to that of the Fox debate last month. Trump then suggests that as the reason for an expanded viewership, Zucker should take the ad revenue generated and donate it to veterans’ charities.

This is an interesting move on Trump’s part. It shines light on the VA problem that is only partially addressed. It shows CNN up for being a low-rated network using politics to raise money and it makes Trump the alpha dog again, just in case anyone was watching the next debate for Carly or Ben Carson.

Trump may be an ass, but he’s also a badass.


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