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No Cure for COVID | June 24, 2021

I don’t post much anymore, but this media excrement was enough to make me post. Speaking of post, this is plagiarized drivel from the Washington Post. Literally, they published an except from an upcoming book about COVID (and why Orange Man bad, literally they mention his orange coloring). They get to avoid journalism and the author gets free promotion.

Anyway, not much value in the actual story. It is a rehash of the four days President Trump was sick with COVID. What they want you to think is that the White House staff rushed (incompetently, of course) to get Trump unapproved and hard-to-get treatments for COVID right away, while Trump got it from not wearing a mask ever and putting his staff in danger. Cut the commentary by about 80%, and the story sounds more like this:

  • Donald Trump came down with COVID symptoms
  • Trump got treatment
  • Trump got better

The connections anti-Trump media won’t make about the pandemic is that “lockdown” isolated less than 50% of the population, told people they could not get early treatment, made them wait until they needed an ambulance, then stuck them on ventilators after the virus had run its course and the immune response damaged the lungs to a near or actual fatal level. Also, whole families were infected in their pods, along with whatever people needed to drive them to the hospital.

Treatments were largely ignored because doctors were punished for attempting them, while experts curled up in a corner afraid to die from a virus. Seriously, the protocol for COVID was to make everyone stay home, keep the minimum people in the hospital, lock away health care professionals and inflate people’s collapsed lungs in a low success attempt to save them. Even that would be excusable, had it not been for “experts,” afraid of being attacked by Black people, saying that the BLM protests weren’t super spreader events. Read my post before this one. You can literally see the BLM spike that fueled the other two.

Ultimately, this is important because there will be a SARS 3, and none of these coronaviruses have effective vaccinations that don’t put the host in danger. Now mRNA is being used because a traditional weakened virus vaccine seems unlikely, but this type of vaccination has never been widely released for so much as a flu shot until now. Coronavirus does respond to treatment, like Hydroxychloroquine. If you don’t believe me, just don’t believe the experts either. Especially the ones who told us the wrong thing. That’s basically all of them.

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