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Why Should I Get the Vaccine, Again? | December 27, 2021

December 2020
“Get the vaccine.”

February 2021
“When? I can’t get it right now.”
“In a month or two. The most at risk people need it and most others don’t.”

May 2021
“Okay. People stopped dying. I don’t think I need the vaccine.”
“Get the vaccine! You need to stop the spread.”

July 2021
“I didn’t get the vaccine, but people who did stopped wearing their masks and then got COVID.”
“Breakthrough cases! It’s extremely rare. Get the vaccine.”

September 2021
“Now, a lot of people are getting COVID with the vaccine. I don’t think I’ll get it.”
“No! we just need boosters! Get it, you racist moron!”

October 2021
“Wait. People are vaccinated and boosted and still getting and spreading COVID. So the only difference is the vaccine slightly lowers the chance of serious illness. If I don’t take the vaccine, I’m basically just rolling the dice on my own health. Why is that the government’s business?”
“Take it or you’re fired. Also, we’ll watch you die outside the hospital if you don’t.”

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