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The Gods Must Be Crazy | June 8, 2022

Hello, and welcome back.

The purpose of modern government is to do something. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t and most of the time it’s somewhere in-between. This week it’s “common sense” gun control and I’ll be damned if I can find the common sense.

When terrible things happened in the past, people used to blame it on the gods or other forces beyond their control. They would also do things to placate the gods that we would think don’t make logical (or common) sense. Now, we have politicians trying to placate professional protesters, Hollywood actors and media personalities.

What can we do about school shootings? I’m willing to admit I have no idea. Banning guns is stupid, impossible and ineffective against both death and shootings. Raising the age of gun ownership is great if you’re over 21 and have no use for a gun. It’s also popular with politicians who have little to risk with a low-voting population. Red flag laws are completely arbitrary. Judges and psychologists (also police) with political leanings can just yank guns indefinitely.

I see this as a basic problem of evil. Trying to end evil is the territory of the gods again. I personally think we could curb the school shooter population by jailing them when the reach the stage of animal cruelty. Or we can just keep whittling away at the Second Amendment every time gun laws fail. The politicians must be crazy, too.

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