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Worse Than 9/11 | September 12, 2021

My Project 2996 Tribute

The 20th anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks fell on a weekend this year. The US has just pulled out of Afghanistan with the conclusion that the country can’t be fixed, but only endlessly maintained. Islamic terror has entered a kind of political phase where they are being paid off by countries (and under Democrat control, the US) in the guise of support and rebuilding. In a war like this, the US can only draw a line in the sand. “Do this much damage to us, and your leadership will be dead, then you’ll hide in a hold until you die.” It’s an uncomfortable fact that third world countries need to know their place in the world, and it doesn’t involve attacking first world countries.

Conventional warfare is being pushed off the page by the (Natural?) biological warfare of the Wuhan Flu. Public health was a concept from a century ago that people’s usual rights could be suspended to keep the public healthy. An early example is “Typhoid” Mary Mallon. She was sequestered at North Brother Island until her death because she not only spread Typhoid by being a carrier, but was released after promising to not work as a cook and then got two people killed working as a cook.

Given the Delta and the false sense of security from vaccination, the US is getting close to the “one 9/11 per day” death total from COVID-19 again. After 9/11, there was a lot of debate over how much freedom was going to lose out to security measures, only some of which were effective. Now, the federal government is giving people two choices: lose your bodily autonomy and get a shot or lose your livelihood. These options are not to keep people with the shot from dying, but the options are there because the shot has been a bigger failure than expected. The answer is more shots.

Freedoms should not be infringed because something seems better “on balance.” Things considered freedoms should only be affected if there are no alternatives.

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