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Misdirected Anger

April 17, 2015

People on the Internet (now known as “everybody”) have been mentioning Britt McHenry. She is marginally a reporter for ESPN. More importantly, she is a beautiful woman on TV who repeatedly berated the cashier for a towing company by pointing out that she was on TV and beautiful and the cashier was in a dead-end job and ugly. While America is an increasingly crass society that likes to treat everyone badly, it also enjoys punishing those better off who behave badly.

To some extent, I feel for McHenry. Taking away someone’s car is a major inconvenience. They may have to find out it wasn’t actually stolen. Then they have to find out where it is. Then they have to find transportation there and come up with the money (sometimes in cash) to release the vehicle. I don’t even live in a place where towing is common practice and all the other stuff I have to deal with as a commuter is bad enough.

I usually end up somewhere between civil and snippy with the people who are taking my money for what I don’t necessarily consider a fair trade. For people like myself and Britt McHenry, it’s important to realize that the problem is not with those who collect the cash. The problem is with liberals. Traffic laws started as a way to keep cars from crashing into each other and different objects. Now, those laws have become social engineering and revenue streams. Towing vehicles is a method to ensure someone pays the fine. It costs money, which the state pays to the towing companies. It costs the car owner money, which must be paid due to legally sanctioned blackmail. It’s also another way that cops are vilified by ordinary citizens. They may not want to deal with parking issues, but they are forced to for financial reasons.

Everyone who is against punitive traffic and parking enforcement needs to realize this is a result of big government. It is a nanny state that wants to tell everyone what to do and a corrupt political machine that needs to be constantly fed with fees and fines. If Britt McHenry doesn’t want to go back to the impound lot again, she should consider voting Republican.

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Forget About Iran

April 16, 2015
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From what I understand, Barack Obama signed some deal with the Republican Congress where they can stop the Iran agreement with a majority vote. The reality is that isn’t the case. Obama can veto such a response, forcing an override. That would require about a third of Democrats to join in going against the president. That will never happen. Essentially, the Iran deal is green lit.

This is another in a series of Republican tactics with the sole purpose of absolving them of responsibility and putting bad deals on the Democrats. This might have been necessary back when Democrats were the only ones to vote for final passage of Obamacare and still got their way. Well, now the Republicans are the loyal opposition. The focus needs to be on opposition, not loyal. While I can hold my nose and vote for the GOP in 2016, this weak tea party will keep a lot of other voters at home. This is how they lose elections. If they plan to beat Hillary, they’ve already lost. The real puppet masters are prepared for her to lose again against a meat puppet of their choosing. The GOP will likely never see it coming.

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Spring Broke

April 15, 2015
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Sean Hannity has been doing Spring Break specials for a few years now. Places like Panama City, FL, while better than Mexico, are becoming dangerous to teens going there. Tonight, Hannity is taking on the detractors who mocked him and claimed he was just trying to use sex and drugs as a way to get ratings. Hannity has the highest ratings in his time slot. He doesn’t need that.

Seven people were shot in a melee a couple of weeks ago. Now there’s the horrible story of a young woman who was gang raped on the beach while other people stood by. Rolling Stone missed an opportunity to do real journalism.

I’ve written before about the culture of making everyone happy before. Parents invent a rite of passage that involves underage drinking, risky sex and potential danger and would give little thought to putting their foot down. I still contend that the “fun” part of most of these wild adventures is the stories that people invent after. It’s easier to just go Brian Williams and make it up to begin with.

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April 14, 2015
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Hillary Clinton won’t appear on the Sean Hannity show anytime soon. In fact, he has a laundry list of reasons why she shouldn’t be elected dog catcher, from Benghazi to the short trip through Chipotle where she didn’t talk to anyone and got right back in her modified luxury “van” that she doesn’t drive (as well as any other vehicle in 20 years). One political strategist warned that throwing every criticism at her would blunt their effectiveness. I don’t know that it matters.

Hillary Clinton ran for the New York Senate at a time when Bill Clinton was near the peak of his political influence and New York could barely elect a Republican. Hillary ran unopposed in the Democratic primaries after others were encouraged not to go against her. She also had a lucky break of Rudy Giuliani dropping out and the incompetent Rick Lazio trying to fill in.

Secretary of State was a patronage job, one where she tried to thread the needle between not being responsible for Obama’s bad foreign policy while supposedly running the perfect government office. Still, she got blood on her hands and a few more disgruntled voters, including Hillary supporters disgusted she would ally with the guy who took her donor list and harassed them for donations years later.

I firmly believe a McCain vs. Clinton contest would have ended in her defeat, even if his VP were Joe Lieberman. I suspect Democrats felt the same way. Clinton’s active slumming to look like she’s not the heir apparent is ridiculous, especially since she still thinks she should have won in 2008. I think one or more serious Democratic Party challengers will emerge. If they don’t all the better. The Republicans could use someone as hard to elect as Hillary Clinton.

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April 13, 2015
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The field of announced Republican candidates for president has increased to 3 today. Marco Rubio, a one-term Senator announced and is speaking on Hannity as I write this. Sean Hannity has quite a thing going himself. So far, he has had a 10 pm interview with every announced Republican. That record may not hold with Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, even though it would be in their best interest to do so.

Of all the things Republicans will need to do to win the presidency, cow towing to the mainstream media is not one of them. There will be fewer candidate debates to hand to former Clinton White House lackeys. Fewer networks like ABC, where 2 reporters went into the Obama White House before he was even inaugurated, will be part of the debate. Where will Republicans get  media exposure? There’s Fox News, with higher ratings than most cumulative TV news outlets. There’s also social media, where Republicans have a chance to have some real effect.

We know that Democrats will take the route of hiding their bias and using a willing media to trick the public. The Republicans have a chance to openly defy a press out to destroy them and cut them out of the process. There was a time that New Hampshire was make or break. Now it’s just another mile post on the campaign trail. Imagine if a network was no longer necessary for someone to be elected president.

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Run From Hillary

April 12, 2015
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Hilary Clinton decided this weekend was the time to run for president, something people knew she was going to do for about 6 years. The media narrative is interesting in the sense that they still cling to the idea that front-runners exist. If that were really the case, Joe Biden would be the one to beat. If he does run, Biden will be an also-ran fairly early in the process.

The reality is that the likely nominee at the beginning is rarely the actual president (or even party nominee). This was the case for Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton. Even Reagan in 1980 was something of a challenge against the return of Gerald Ford. Republicans may not have that issue because the media anointed front-runner, Jeb Bush, is about the least popular Republican possible.

I decided years ago that Hillary Clinton would have been a less horrible president than Barack Obama. Unfortunately for her, Obama isn’t running in 2016. Plus, she has become an even worse human being having worked for this White House. Hopefully, the under bus stink from her time at Team Obama will keep her from winning.

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Get Your Pizza

April 11, 2015
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Memories Pizza in Indiana is open again after being attacked online. So there’s one business saved because of the now practically toothless new Religious Liberty law.

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Rand Paul Hates the Media

April 10, 2015
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In case you were wondering about the narrative that would be used for presidential candidate Rand Paul, it’s that he is hostile to reporters (especially women!) and doesn’t want to answer difficult questions. I find this a good sign. Paul was a guy who was so desperate to talk about his beliefs he went on Rachel Maddow’s show once. That debacle was a story for weeks. It’s fine that he believes in things, but the left-wing media doesn’t want to discuss issues. There is one worldview for them and their job is to promote it. Conservatives (and for the most part, that’s what Paul is) must be denigrated to discourage any unexpected thinking by TV viewers.

This is the way it has to be, since the media tends to take sides. Rand Paul can go on a number of Fox News programs to explain his libertarian beliefs to a more Republican audience. By going there, he will have an audience bigger than all other cable news put together and less filtered than on any of the networks. While he can’t embargo ABC, NBC, CBS, et al, Paul doesn’t have to take their crap. That’s what sucks for liberals about capitalism. There are other games in town.

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No Argument

April 9, 2015
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Sometimes a broken clock is right.

A White police officer in South Carolina shot and killed a Black man stopped in his car who ran. For months now, nearly any time a Black person has died in the presence of White police, the presumption by race activists is that White cops are racist and did something wrong. In this case, a White police officer gunned down a man in cold blood, then tried to hide the evidence. The law of averages caught up with prejudice against police.

In Ferguson Missouri, the police officer who was forced to shoot Michael Brown was found not to have done anything wrong. He still had to leave the police force and the Department of Injustice claimed that Ferguson police stopped Black people too often and were therefore racist. In South Carolina, their police force might get away with a less harsh judgement because one or more police will be prosecuted.

The worst thing that could happen for those who have a separate social justice agenda from a regular justice agenda is to not have a rallying cry. In this case, video evidence is clear and nearly impossible to dispute. If this man killed a Black man for no legal reason, he is a murderer. If there is some reason we don’t know about, he’s still a bad cop. If there’s a demonstration over this crime, it won’t be a protest. There’s nothing to protest. Except for the guilty and a few contrarians, no one sees this as anything but what it is.

So, I have to wonder what happens here. Justice will be served. The perpetrator has already been fired and disavowed by the local government. Is it racism or a grudge or just some crazy act of violence? For most of us, it doesn’t matter. That’s the difference between seeking real justice instead of phony social justice.

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Stinky Does it Again

April 8, 2015

The Obama White House has been intellectually bunkered since early 2014 when it became obvious that Democrats were going to lose any authority they had in  Congress. In the age of modern media, anyone can find any number of media outlets (quality be damned) sympathetic to their ideology. Obama has been using left-learning talk shows and dubious internet sites to target the low-information voters who may yet get a Democrat elected in 2016.

One of the more recent idiocies is Obama using his daughter’s asthma attack to show there’s a global warming problem. This actually makes zero sense. I mean, you can’t even make up an environmental reason for why that would even be possible. Even better, modern liberalism would usually blame smoking by parents for their children’s breathing problems. Apparently, Obama smoked enough around his kids to get the nickname “stinky.” And even though stuff like science doesn’t have much data to show a link with smoking, it has no data for CO2.

If Obama is lying or telling the truth about not smoking, something still stinks in the White House

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