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No Nukes (or Something)

July 19, 2015
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Obama tried to defend the indefensible “treaty” with Iran in a rare press conference. After being asked a real question by Major Garrett, Obama got down right snippy. While we have supposedly gotten concessions from Iran, one of them was not to release any Americans held in the country. What we learned after the press conference was that we returned a scientist working on nuclear weapons for Iran.

The reasoning behind the Iran capitulation is not just specious, it is actually insane. We are removing economic sanctions and allowing nuclear research in exchange for a promise that Iran won’t develop nuclear weapons (for an unspecified amount of times) and agree to inspections. Of course, those inspections require three weeks notice, about the time it takes to tear down a portable lab.

This is the result of the reality based community of progressives. Sanctions are a mediocre solution to the problem of a rogue state. Despite our best efforts, Iran is getting closer to getting a long-range nuclear weapon. The progressive calculus tells them that since once action doesn’t work, the opposite will. Take away the sanctions, and somehow Iran will be more willing to be good citizens. If I ever had doubts about Republicans vs. Democrats, this administration has shown me the difference. I just hope it’s a lesson and not an epitaph.

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Slow Night

July 18, 2015
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My brain is a little slow tonight. Netroots and ComiCon are the same week, which likely spelled doom for Nutroots. In fact, some black people rushed the stage and mugged Martin O’Malley. Something like that. Black lives matter, except when the Black lives are ended by other Blacks, then it’s shut up, cracker. Hillary Clinton didn’t go. That might be her smartest political move yet.

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Gloating is Such Sweet Happiness

July 17, 2015

For reasons known to readers of this blog, I consider Nicolle Wallace to be the worst person ever to co-host ABC’s The View, and that includes Rosie O’Donnell. ABC seems to agree, as they have shit-canned her from the show with some vague offer of maybe coming back as a guest. It seems that besides being a horrible political consultant and human being, she is a terrible TV personality as well.

Nicolle Wallace was the McCain presidential campaign team member who was assigned to handle Sarah Palin’s media roll out in 2008. After Wallace’s terrible job along with her boss Steve Schmidt, they both did their best to leak damaging stories about Sarah Palin to the media and are likely the main sources for “Game Change.” Wallace herself had been a regular on MSNBC, probably as a reward for getting Obama elected. ABC further paid her off after the fact by giving her the token ‘conservative’ post on “The View.”

I have to admit I’m glad they gave her the job. In the year that she’s been a sucking vortex of boredom, Wallace has proved beyond a doubt that she has no ability to work in media or have any idea what makes good TV. Seriously, how could Sarah Palin get anywhere with a dunce like Wallace booking her interviews?

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Moral Authority

July 16, 2015

So, I’ve written about leaders and followers, about rules and enforcement and about the people who decide what’s important and what’s not. People should have the right to act like jerks, but there needs to be a form of feedback to correct the excesses in that regard. Laws are not a sufficient restraint because ordinary people rarely have the ability to enforce laws and most don’t feel it’s their place to do so. Society works when there is an innate sense of what is the correct and incorrect way to act. That’s called morality. The enforcement of it is called moral authority.

I can quickly get into an argument about “the good old days” with this, but the good old days weren’t always good. Mob mentality isn’t a proper outlet for moral authority. However, the world seems to be moving to a model of less moral authority and more behavior codes and laws designed for social engineering. People are less religious and cling to the belief that a personal code of conduct (or morality) is sufficient or even superior. History shows that is clearly false. With great power comes great responsibility, but Shakespeare observed that power corrupts. There was a time when even the richest Robber Baron had to submit to the authority of his church. Now the rich just worship money and occasionally kiss the ring of Obama’s financial backers. Sometimes Donald Trump donates $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

For all the complaints about religion and faith and religious people worshiping an old man in the sky, religion has worked for 10,000 years. Experiments in atheistic socialism (The French Revolution, the Soviet Union) lasted mere decades. Man was meant to face challenges. Some have it easier than others. The government gives us security in exchange for freedom every day and it has nothing to do with terrorism. We lose a little bit of our autonomy every time the state dictates who gets what and what we are allowed (and forced) to do. Politicians keep their moral authority walled off inside a large bank.

What’s worse, 10 Commandments or 10 million regulations?

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Trigger Whoring

July 15, 2015

I’ve been developing a post about stupid people, self-centered people and generally nastier people in the world. Yesterday, I read a post in Hillbuzz about a writer for PJ Media and the scorn she got for having a child who cried for a few minutes on a plane. That kind of got scrapped when the big enchilada fell about Planned Parenthood making money by transporting the human remains of the babies they execute. Ultimately, it’s part of the same problem.

Apocalypse dramas are becoming more popular all the time. There are zombies, (World War Z, Walking Dead, iZombie) biological disasters (Planet of the Apes, The Last Ship, Netflix’s Between) and various other extinction-level events, like Shark Tornadoes. There are also shows about surviving in Alaska, surviving naked or surviving being Amish. All these stories have one thing in common. The world we live in, where we can expect a new can of soda to come out of the machine every time, is over.

Societies at a certain level of advancement are not taken down by enemies, but by decadence. Living high off the hog isn’t the problem as much as the expectation that living high off the hog is a right. People in the Western world have been provided so much by politicians trying to stay in power that they have few struggles in their lives. Now, the newest generations have been so free from the stresses of life that the stresses of just being alive are haunting them.

These people are trigger whoring. The idea that information or an opinion was so powerful that it needed to be quarantined used to be abhorrent. Books were written about the megalomaniacs who would propose such a thing. Much of the world has already physically atrophied due to the lack of struggled to live day-to-day. The idea of trigger warnings for complex thoughts will likely lead us to mental atrophy as well.

Things like anger over a crying baby on a three-hour flight as if the very sound damages you forever, or the need to avoid pregnancy so badly, the most natural thing in the world, and still have unprotected sex are examples of a world where inconvenience is now torture. Tomorrow, I’ll write about the solution, but progressives are not going to like it.

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Fighting for Life

July 14, 2015

We haven’t had a good hidden camera video of liberals doing what they do and horrifying the people who didn’t know about it. Welcome back, YouTube crusaders.

This is the not “heavily edited” source video of a conversation with employees of the national Planned Parenthood organization with people posing as a company interesting in procurement of body parts. There’s been some back and forth today about the claim that Planned Parenthood is making money from selling body parts and organs from aborted babies (I doubt fetuses have much for body parts since PP claims they are not babies).

First of all, PP has claimed that the harvested organs have been “donated” by the customers women having an abortion. That’s not much of a defense as it is only arguing that a dead baby shouldn’t go to waste when you can scrap it out as parts. Also, if you listen to the video, you hear Dr. Deborah Nucatola from Planned Parenthood talk about what companies want from them, not what women want to donate. In fact, she talks about the skill and effort involved in not “crushing” the valuable important parts of an aborted baby.

This leads into the second argument. Planned Parenthood also claims that they are not profiting from organ harvesting, but only charge transport fees. Nucatola is aware in the video of how it would look if people thought they were making money from the process. The reality is that every business adds a margin onto their fixed costs. If I pay FedEx for 1 Day Air and they can get it to the location by morning in a truck, they’ll take my money and put it on wheels. The bloated cost structure of the medical profession means that the parts themselves are not costed out, but there is a delivery charge that probably overestimates the actual costs involved.

Babies are being extracted from the womb, carved up, delivered and Planned Parenthood has a revenue stream as a part of that activity. That is a fact.

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Ready for Hillary (to Lose)

July 13, 2015
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Some of the more ardent PUMAs in 2008 were not initially Hillary Clinton supporters. Many of them started off as fans of John Edwards, who as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in 2004 was an attack dog for liberal issues as well as the guy who refused to concede to the Bush campaign on Election Night. I always figured Edwards was the choice of people like George Soros because he was popular and dirty enough to do the bidding of his backers. That’s why the Obama campaign had to take him out early.

Hillary Clinton’s high negatives among Republicans in 2008 increased the GOP’s chances of winning the election. Obama benefited by clueless Republican-leaning voters who believed his bullshit about non-partisanship. Clinton would not get such a fair hearing. She gets out the votes for the other side and I think the Democrats know it. That’s the “conspiracy” that got Obama the nomination.

Now, Hillary Clinton has high negatives among her own party. Some are disgruntled that she worked for Obama. Some hopefully find her at fault for the handling of Benghazi. Others don’t think she’s liberal enough. That’s ironic because Obama was a stealth leftist. Even though she seems like a player, she has about as much chance of being president as Donald Trump. Maybe I should vote Hillary in the primaries next year.

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Call Me Boring

July 12, 2015

My candidate for president is actually pretty clear. I saw 2012 and every flash in the pan who would rise in the polls, win a primary and then trail off until Romney won. I also know that the Democrats used the IRS and the Republicans used Karl Rove front groups to make that happen. Even so, I want some qualifications with my next president. For me, that man is Scott Walker.

There are quite a few governors among the current contenders. The ones like Jindal, Pataki and Huckabee haven’t distinguished themselves in the job. Others are moderate Republicans at best. Scott Walker is an effective Republican technocrat. His only comparison to Obama is that he knows how to use legislation and government to affect real change.

Scott Walker fought the unions in a state where they became so powerful they ran their own insurance company for teachers. That was the way in. Instead of Chris Christie complaining teachers made too much, Walker offered (and accomplished) a lower health insurance plan using the free market for teachers. He also made union membership separate from their paychecks. The Democrats made him Enemy Number One because he showed people that unions weren’t just in peril, but obsolete.

For small government conservatives, Walker also put the hurt on a major source of revenue for the Democrats. Democrats tax the rich everyone. Democrats spend the tax money on government. Democrats make sure government workers are unionized, even though FDR originally didn’t want them to be. The unions get money from members. Unions take a fraction of that money to sway elections for Democrats. Lather, rinse, repeat. By taking away the power of quasi-government unions, Walker has done more for smaller government than most Republicans spouting Tea Party talking points. Plus he won two regular and one recall election in 4 years. That’s about as much preparation you can get to be president.

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The Trump Test

July 11, 2015

Pat Buchanan talked about immigration and ran for president. He even wrote about it. Buchanan was eventually fired by MSNBC for it. Donald Trump is not talking about anything new, he’s simply as late to the party as you can get. By being outrageous, he has also added a level of difficulty to anyone who wants to take up the mantle.

Let’s say that Trump beats the odds and actually becomes president. In the best case scenario, he has a barely Republican Congress and a Democratic Party with filibuster power in the Senate. Their top priority is to thwart any major policy changes, much like the Republican Congress in 2009. On top of that, we have a SCOTUS who believes that the 14th Amendment grants rights to everyone in the world to do anything in the world.

My question is what is Donald Trump prepared to do to get the border security no one else in DC wants? What’s he going to do if he can’t get it? George W. Bush ran on a strong economic agenda, not a War on Terror. He had positions in place to help him when he unforeseen happened. What does Trump have other than a plan that won’t work?

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It’s Like a Basket of Dead Puppies

July 10, 2015
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What people don’t seem to understand is that societal trends are cyclical. What we are fighting for are the longer term, slow trends. We’re fighting against the residue left from every shift to the left. The anti-war Democratic Party victory in 2006 was ended just 4 years later when the Republicans took back the House and crushed when they took back the Senate in 2014. In that time, however, Obama has fundamentally transformed health care, foreign policy and immigration. The residue of that will be around for a long time.

As Obama was ruining the US economy, economic powerhouses like China were trying to leverage the American money they accumulated producing all our cheap goods into a default form of currency. Instead of the US dollar, some combination of Japanese, Chinese and other Asian currencies would be the standard. This “basket of currencies” would force the US to constantly readjusts their costs for things like oil.

That Chinese dream kind of blew up this week. Their markets have seen an accelerated slide over the last year. Now their value is about 2/3 of what it was 6 months ago. China has looked to Greece for stabilization policy. It is now illegal to sell certain stocks to keep their value from falling further. It brings to mind the games Enron played with employee stock ownership plans to keep the shares from being sold for months at a time.

While this may make China a cheap place to operate, it makes it a very dangerous place to invest. The rules for business don’t really change. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. Trying to eliminate the downs just means you’ll never come up again.

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