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Did You Hear What Trump Said?

November 20, 2015

Unfortunately, there are so many right-leaning opponents of Donald Trump that lamestream media generated stories are being picked up by usually anti-media conservative blogs. Today’s story about Trump calling for a Muslim registry a la Hitler was a totally manufactured event, complete with manufactured quotes. picked up on this because they focus on media lies. I also think they like Trump because he follows the Andrew Breitbart belief that politics is upstream of cultural. Like him or not, Trump is a cultural icon.

My problem is that I don’t like Trump himself. He’s a preening egomaniac who thinks his shit don’t stink. He doesn’t take back wrong things he says, but merely slowly changes course to keep people from knowing. He’s a lot like Barack Obama, who stops reading reports about terrorism that contradict his world view.

The thing he said that I actually paid attention to was an attack on Fox contributor Mary Katherine Ham. She’s back from time off after losing her husband to a tragic accident, and is still 38 weeks pregnant.

Now, MK is perfectly capable of handling being called dumb by Trump. I do find it typical of Trump. First, he can’t disagree with anyone because he’s an intellectual absolutist. Either they agree with him or they are objectively wrong. It’s the disease harbored by every Social Justice Warrior trying to make George Orwell’s dystopian future come true.

Second, he could keep his powder dry once in a while. It diminishes his campaign and it really pisses off the conservatives like me who may be faced with the prospect of voting for Trump in a general election. There was probably a 30 second window today where I might have pulled a lever for Hillary Clinton just because Trump is such a jerk.

Trump is what we colloquially refer to as a douchebag. Putin is also like that and as much as he wants to kick ISIS ass, there’s no way in hell I’d want him in a position of leadership in America. By the way, Hillary also has the best margin of not losing against Trump than any other Republican.

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Universal Stealth Care

November 19, 2015
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A large insurance provider, United Health Care, is giving every indication that it is getting the hell out of Obamcare exchanges. Unlike one of their core businesses, group insurance plans for companies, Obamacare exchanges offer expensive plans for people with limited means, making it financially viable only for those with huge medical needs and just enough money to scrape together for the 5 figure premiums and deductibles per year.

Unlike Romneycare, Obamacare is not allowed to compel Americans to buy insurance. Instead, they can only be fined taxed a relatively paltry sum in comparison to the plan premiums required. This means that if you are not on welfare, you’ll probably risk paying cash for health care instead of the thousands you’d pay for not seeing a doctor.

Each year, the people paying for these “bronze” plans are ones seeking the best value (i.e. the sickest) and causing a net loss for insurers. In turn, every year they have to reset their rates upward due to losses from the year before. Eventually, only Blue Cross is going to be the insurer for all Obamacare, at least until they stop getting subsidized. Then Democrats get their single payer.

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Rational Actors

November 18, 2015
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It seems like every time we talk about taking military action against whatever a group of murderous Muslims wants to call themselves this week, someone brings up this recruiting tool argument.

We’ve all heard it ad nauseum. When the US, the West, or any collection of human beings kills a Muslim, guilty or not, a whole bunch of terrorist recruiters use that brand new video to get otherwise rational young Muslim men to go blow themselves up for Allah. The unsaid conclusion is that we should never seek justice since just completely giving up would turn terrorists into quitters like us.

This assumes a lot of things that are wholly inaccurate. Mainly, we can’t believe that we are talking about rational actors here. People who commit suicide by bomb or airplane or attack civilians lack the basic empathy that makes human beings a noble race. It does not make them inhuman, but it makes them irrational. The knowledge that you have enemies does not make you irrational.

Like so many totalitarian societies, the Islamic state (pick one) uses psychological techniques and what could be called brainwashing to control the masses. To paraphrase Lincoln, you can’t turn all of the people into suicide bombers all of the time, but you can turn some of them some of the time. When a wedding or whatever other event gets bombed by accident, it is more of a public relations tool (often used by Western Leftists) rather than a recruitment tool.

There are already Muslim clerics who claim that most of Europe belongs to them and merely living on that land puts the residents in danger. Even if you don’t like Ronald Reagan, he’s right that you can’t negotiate with terrorists. Like Obama or Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s brain, they want their way and there are no acceptable negotiations. We need to do the same. It’s only rational.

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You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

November 17, 2015
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This is not about Donald Trump. However, this involves Donald Trump.

There are always people who vote against something rather than for it. While Hillary Clinton praised George W. Bush’s calls against Islamophobia, she would never vote for him. The people who would otherwise vote for Bush might be less interested in doing that after hearing about his calls against something that wasn’t really a problem.

If there was a box for “Not Bush” in 2008, that would have been the clear winner. The closest thing was denying Republicans the presidency. Barack Obama was the perfect “Not Bush” candidate. He was a Democrat, he didn’t have a political dynasty. He had no particular history and he was a younger Black guy. Plus, he didn’t want to fight with the other side, talking about working with the other side of the aisle.

To a real extent, people got their “not Bush.” Obama neglected the Middle East military stage, preferring to focus on praising Muslim powers in the region, regardless of how they felt about America and the West. Legitimate concerns were turned into dangerous ungood thoughts about the mythical good Muslims who seem to easily integrate with the bomb strapping kind.

I’m betting that the marginal reelection of Obama in 2012 was due to claims that killing bin Laden ended terrorism, the lack of any real consequences from Obamacare until the following year, and generous amounts of game rigging by the Democrats. I also think that Hillary Clinton is less popular now than in 2008, making it impossible for the Democrats to win the election next year.

This week’s public support of Donald Trump by Sarah Palin (and vice-versa) may be a sign that people who have been ignored by both political parties may have a place to vote for something other than “Not Obama.” The issues that Trump represents, opposing immigration by people who don’t want to be Americans so much as just don’t want to be where they are, fighting the people who want to kill you, and letting businesses run their business, are wildly popular and seem to be ignored by candidates who are funded by big business, including Democrats.

I still think Trump found the right message rather than being the right messenger. Unfortunately, I may have to live with this mailman despite what he does on his off hours.

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Islamophilia Administration

November 16, 2015
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I use the term Islamophilia to describe actions that don’t simply avoid the appearance of bias against Muslims or Islam, but actively prefer Islam because of a perceived victim status.  Essentially, it’s liberals fetishizing terrorists.

Obama admonished anyone who had to listen that we can’t slow the fire hose of unknown Syrian “refugees” (mostly young and male, contrary to the population of most refugees) just because they are Muslim. However, the administration is not allowing Syrian refugees just because they are Christian.

Bush tried to be careful of not going after Islamic culture directly during the Afghan war, sometimes to the detriment of the cause. However, he did this as an act of diplomacy. Barack Obama has never met a special interest group that wasn’t superior to the majority, including himself. He doesn’t prefer terrorists because they are morally superior, he thinks they are morally superior because they are not White and Christian.

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The Way to Fight Terrorism

November 15, 2015
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Almost any political leader, no matter how socialist and uninvolved, makes a show of blowing shit up when his citizens are attacked. Bill Clinton blew up and aspirin factory. Barack Obama authorized drone death strikes on pointless targets. Hopefully, France’s president has better luck with the bombings launched in Syria today.

G.W. Bush has often been attacked for even starting a war in Iraq. However, the regime change goals were achieved. Few criticized the war in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Obama gave up on both countries as they became breeding grounds for new terror groups. It may not be prudent to go after a religion, but Irish terror groups were only interested in one little plot of land, and that made it possible to understand their tactics.

The hearts and minds stage is something that can only comes generations from now when Muslims learn that Allah will not let them get away with anything. It’s better for now to separate the hearts from the minds, as well as other body parts, of the terrorists encouraging violence.

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Who Dies?

November 14, 2015
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I was introduced to the works of Dalton Trumbo and Metallica in the late 1980’s with a video by the latter called “One.” Warning: It’s a heavy metal video.

Trumbo was an anti-war Communist who was blacklisted for not appearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Interestingly enough, he did turn in people to the FBI beforehand who wrote to him who tried to use his book “Johnny Got His Gun” to dismiss the plight of Jews and argue for negotiating peace with the Nazis.

Even though Communism is the home of mass murders of a nation’s own citizens, people like Trumbo constantly buy into the hype about socialism being an anti-war philosophy. Trumbo wrote the screenplay based on his early book “Johnny Got His Gun” in 1971. This was the story of a young man who went to war and was injured so badly that he lost his limbs, sight and hearing, making him virtually unable to communicate with the world. The villain was not the enemy’s weapons, but the idea that anyone would be sent to war for any reason.

Most of the world is in a state of potential negotiation at all times now. War isn’t a default option. However, war remains an option for good reason. If you refuse to fight and someone else either doesn’t like you or wants what you have, they can simply attack you without fear of a confrontation. There is no global police force to hunt down suspects. Even if there were, it would be after the fact.

France tried to stay out of military conflicts when possible. Still, even their involvement is the Syrian conflict was enough to bring an attack to them. Not fighting only works until you are attacked. Not fighting after an attack will lead to your destruction. Soldiers die, but at least they have the means to fight. When civilians die, they are tragic victims.

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There Aren’t Any No-Go Zones

November 13, 2015
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It’s been known for some time that France (as well as Germany, Italy and other European powers) have a whole lot of Muslims coming to live in their countries. The social theory is that these people coming to the West will help form a sort of salad bowl, where their distinct cultures will blend with the prevalent culture. The reality is that these people come over for jobs, end up in ghettos where their culture become more isolated and then skip the whole idea of looking for work at all.

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, stories of no-go zones were disputed. The idea was that police chose to avoid certain Muslim neighborhoods. I suspect they did, not out of fear so much as concern over stirring up trouble in a place where no one calls the police. The real no-go zone was Paris, where Muslim neighborhoods are almost non-existent. There’s no money in scaring away tourists.

Even if terrorist breeding grounds aren’t in the city, the terrorists have shown they can come to the city. Tonight’s brutal and horrific night of attacks has to make one wonder how long this bifurcated society can last without total warfare.

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Caining Carson

November 12, 2015
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My choice for the Republican nominee, Scott Walker, is out of the race. As such, I don’t much care who gets the nomination. Obviously, I don’t want Trump and Christie. Jeb and Rubio at least have some organization behind them. Right now, though, I have some sympathy for Dr. Benjamin Carson. Politico and others are so lazy they seem to be using the Herman Cain playbook to try taking Carson out of the picture. The effect has been anywhere from minimal to total backfire in the case of the fundraising bonanza from the fake West Point story.

Democrats can’t win honest elections anymore, just look at how few governors they have. They have learned a lot about dishonest elections, however. Ben Carson and Donald Trump seem to know how to fight. Let’s hope the RNC figures it out, too.

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Which Millennials Deserve to Live?

November 11, 2015
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I shouldn’t generalize, but it seems like this crop of 20-somethings are full of ideas and incapable of follow through. It makes sense with short attention spans and technological shortcuts for almost everything. The really scary part is as bad as this crop of know-nothings are, their kids are yet to be born, and they are going to be an even worse generation. I don’t even know why our enemies don’t just wait us out.

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