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The Confederacy is Dead

June 23, 2015

After the shooting in South Carolina, progressives yet again tried to have a conversation on guns where you give up your guns and shut up while they lecture you. That failed almost immediately. The conversation on race started off slows as well, since the last year has been all about racist cops and not racist loners. Luckily, some special snowflakes were negatively triggered by the Confederate flag. This was difficult since pictures of the gunman with the stars and bars didn’t come out for days. Instead, the mere fact that South Carolina has the flag on state house grounds (it had already been moved from the state house itself) was enough to somehow inspire a race attack.

This turns out to be a good strategy for the left. Get out in front of banning a piece of cloth as a symbol. This catches conservatives off guard, who actually still believe in freedom and know it’s silly to think removing a flag ends racism. This way, when the groundswell occurs to have it banned, the Republicans look like wafflers for changing their minds. Better yet, it makes people defiant and more likely to say dumb things about Blacks being worse criminals or having lousy morals.

The resurgence of the Confederate flag a couple of generations ago was an act of defiance by Southern states targeted by Civil Rights legislation that continued until just a few years ago. While it had some place in American culture, (The Dukes of Hazzard comes to mind) the flag is something of an anachronism. Instead of just letting it fade away, however, the left just has to tear it down.

The best part of this story for me is that around 160 years ago, the Republican Party was founded on principles that included the abolition of slavery. Republicans took over much of the country’s government and slavery was outlawed by the Constitution. Progressives and Republicans had control of the government until the 1930’s. The Civil Rights movement was filled with Republicans who fought against Democrats and Dixiecrats. Democrats have a history of slavery and racism longer than the Confederate Flag. Maybe they should be banned.

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Another World

June 22, 2015

One of my stranger thoughts lately is about aliens. Many of us idly consider if there is any life out there. If there is, are they even enough like us to communicate. The perfect alien would be humanoid, but with something (attractively) exotic about them. We’d like them to be more intelligent, but not condescendingly so. It would also be cool if they had solved some medical or engineering problem that vexes us.

One of the things people who don’t like science fiction don’t get is that almost all the stories are an allegory for the human condition. Alien “races” simply highlight different aspects of ourselves. Ironically, I thought about this when I was watching “The Last Ship” on TNT. It has no aliens, only a story of a world destroyed in less than a year by a deadly virus with a cure, but one that can’t get to everyone fast enough. This makes the series an anthology. Each episode relates how different people deal with a radically different existence.

Apocalyptic fiction is popular these days. It’s set in a world where life is hard. The trappings of modern civilization are gone. Death is a constant reality. I refer to it with the Roman term of “bread and circuses.” As long as people are fed and entertained, society is maintained. If that is interrupted, there is chaos and a broken society. For Americans, the harsh reality can be found in the past. The further back you go, the tougher life was.

There are constants in the human condition, but the day-to-day of life in the firs world has changed drastically in the last handful of generations. Could I relate to someone from a century ago, where I have my own car, a climate controlled house, a supermarket (and various mini restaurants) filled with cheap food and virtually unlimited entertainment and connectivity? It’s a comparison that’s been made before, but the modern world is like an alien world.

That’s the irony. An “alien” race represents our dream of seeing the distant future in our own lifetime. We don’t want to meet people too much like ourselves. We already can’t stand those people in other countries. What we can know, however, is the difference between ourselves and our ancestors. In the end, what’s more important? Is it knowing our true nature or seeing flying cars?

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Hillary Can Do No Wrong

June 21, 2015

I didn’t like Barack Obama since 2004 when he (or his campaign, Obama is a meat puppet) doxxed both Republicans running against him. I was an Alan Keyes fan in 2000, so the fact that Team Obama chose to out his gay daughter when Keyes had no chance of winning was a scummy move. I found out that Obama was worse toward the Democrats who ran against him in primaries, like what he did with Hillary Clinton.

I didn’t like Hillary Clinton since the early 1990’s when she was going to implement Obamacare about 20 years early. I didn’t like it when she was essentially given Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s seat in the Senate. I liked Moynihan. Rumor was that he wouldn’t retire because Chuck Schumer would take his place. I enjoyed seeing her campaign limp along in 2008. Then Obama took her out entirely, and it was so much worse. Still, Hillary joined the Obama administration and actually lowered my opinion of her.

The grand majority of disgruntled Democrats who voted against Obama in 2008 (and less so in 2012) were Hillary Clinton supporters. Some accepted the premise that Hillary was doing what she could by becoming Secretary of State. They looked forward to 2016, when Hillary would have experience and be as old as Ronald Reagan was when he became president. I think the ones who were wary of Hillary Clinton were less disturbed. Loving Hillary in an Obama administration means having to ignore her support of his ideas, her tacit agreement that Obama is a good president and, of course, Benghazi.

I’ve read some die-hard blogs now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton can do no wrong in their eyes. They put their dreams on a Hillary Clinton presidency and they will not be denied. It kind of reminds me of a Joe Walsh song.

Everybody’s so different I haven’t changed

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Racism is Crazy

June 20, 2015
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The United States has never had a history of White people indiscriminately killing populations of Black people. Even so, slavery made Africans and their descendants non-persons in the country. Even after Juneteenth 150 years ago, Blacks (Africans, their descendants and mixed race people with even small amounts of African ancestry) dealt with formal and informal government restrictions on their liberty for another century.

Sadly, the condition of the African-American community is probably the worst of any ethnic group in the country. Jobless rates are higher. Broken families are the norm. The culture is often promoted by exploiting some of the worst behaviors and choices one can make. One has to ask if blaming the distant past is more of an excuse than a reason these days.

Even though Black on Black crime and murder is more common than White on Black counterparts, (Black on White crime is actually more prevalent) every incident where a Black person gets the worst outcome in a dispute with a White person is promoted in the media.

In the last few months, national news has been made every time a Black person has died when at least one White Police officer was around. In Baltimore, 6 officers were indicted, and three of them are not even White. So, while a shot up movie theater and an attack on Gabby Giffords are the acts of a crazy person. the shooting in Charleston was a premeditated terrorist attack, at least for the race hustlers who insist the word “terrorist” be used.

Today, a Black police officer was killed by the Black prisoner he was transporting. I suspect that won’t be a big part of the story in the national news tomorrow.

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Out of Their Left Minds

June 19, 2015

A funny thing happened on the way to Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Bernie Sanders, the only other announced competitor in the Democratic party, has been drawing larger crowds than Clinton. Now, this isn’t necessarily a game changer. Sarah Palin was wildly popular, but she had nowhere to go when she was stumping for a lousy candidate with terrible campaign staff. Clinton has shown more interest in short video clips and big, shadowy donors. Sanders thinks he can run on he power of the grass-roots.

I have and still think that Hillary Clinton is ultimately unelectable. A lot of super delegates seemed to think the same in 2008, doing what they needed to sink the Clinton ship. What they got was the worst kind of socialist. Obama is a president willing to push socialism when it means kickbacks in the right places and support economic authoritarianism when his donors put their money on the line. Recent polls show that Democrats are more left than ever and the right side of the party is becoming non-existent.

It is entirely possible that the progressive idiots who think they invented wisdom will gravitate toward an old socialist over a hawk who failed at every big government initiative she tried. I would look for the party to set up another challenger very soon. He will talk centrist and govern left. Most important he will be electable. Competence is not part of the equation.

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Racially Motivated

June 18, 2015

The problem with the concept of micro-aggression is that it lowers the bar for offense so low that even thoughts can be perceived as actions. Anything someone doesn’t like can be labeled as an aggression against them (or someone else). That’s why a “hate crime” is too much like a thought crime. Hate goes to motive, it is not a crime in itself. Crimes are crimes, the results are the same.

The mass shooting in Charleston, SC last night was racially motivated. The perpetrator talked about what Black people did before he started shooting. There are pictures of him wearing Apartheid era flag patches on his jacket. It was also a crime, with signs of premeditation. I have to wonder, though. Does it matter if he was filled with hatred or evil or insanity?

What I do know is that the usual suspects of liberal special interest groups and the media have been promoting a race war where the police are supposedly indifferent to Black citizens and kill then due to harsh treatment and neglect. There is little to no proof that those actions are racially motivated. At worst, they are the result of bad practices and weak oversight.

We have to remember that there is true evil in the world. When we forget this is when the personal slight becomes an unforgivable offense. The events of September 11, 2001 put what really matters into perspective. I hope it doesn’t take a tragedy every time to make us realize what real evil is.

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So, The IRS is Corrupt

June 17, 2015

I have suspected for some time that the GOP didn’t care about Tea Party groups stymied by the Obama IRS because it served their short-term goals. If they had any brains, they would know that when the left’s goals are aligned with yours, it means your long-term goals are really in trouble. Now, surprise, we learned that the IRS tried to keep information from the Republican-led Congress. Now, the GOP is gonna get pissed.

One of the main problems with government is that it doesn’t do anything better. Some things are necessary, like a military or a legislature. Many of the other departments and programs administered by the government are a result of lazy thinking that centralized distribution is “better.” Most times, the federal government does little and puts the responsibility on states and localities. Only the regulation is centralized. This is Obamacare in a nutshell.

The point is that anything the government does is inefficient and expensive. We should make government smaller as a goal in and of itself. If I were Congress, I would slash the employment budget at the IRS by 40% and see what happens. If we lose $100 billion is tax revenue, it might still be worth it because it’s more money in American pockets.

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Trump is Worthless

June 16, 2015
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I hear about Republican candidates from the Sean Hannity Radio Show. Sean makes an effort to point out the advantages of each candidate. However, in the case of Donald Trump, there is no there there,

A decade ago, I wrote on another blog about what an awful person Donald Trump was. This was at the height of “The Apprentice” which has pretty much run its course now. Since then, he has co-opted the Tea Party movement, become a fixture on Fox and made a mockery about Obama’s lack of biographical transparency by constantly obsessing over a birth certificate.

Donald Trump is a self-promoting ass. I hope the marketing people he hires get a good salary, because his campaign won’t do any good for anyone else, except for the Democratic Party. Then again, Donald Trump has been a major contributor to New York Democrats for years.

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The European Wage

June 15, 2015
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Los Angeles made the unsurprising step of creating a local minimum wage of $15 per hour. This is considered a victory for two liberal factions, the lower class who think that’s a lot of money and the upper class who think it’s not a lot of money. I’m tired of arguing with idiots, so I will go math free on this one.

In Europe, many of the guaranteed employment and wages are a part of daily life. I’ve already pointed out that working is generally optional since the dole works well for many. Businesses can’t really say the same. McDonalds in France put in thousands of automated kiosks to increase order accuracy. I guess not having to employ thousands of people was just a bonus.

So, good luck with your new wage. It’s entirely theoretical since it will be hard to find an unskilled employee making that amount.

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Who’s Taking the Fall?

June 14, 2015
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Since the Republicans took control of both houses of Congress, the front-runners for the presidency have been Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Both have the money advantage and therefore an organization. They both have tacit support of their national party. Popular support is something of an afterthought. It’s also the reason why neither front-runner got their party’s nomination in 2008.

Jeb Bush will announce his run this week and Hillary re-announced her run this weekend. Neither has overwhelming support among primary (or caucus) voters. My guess is that one of them will suffer the loss of the nomination. Bush has the worst chances because as each of the dozen or so GOP candidates runs out of money, they could endorse anyone but Bush. Democrats of late tend to fall in line. Beating Hillary would require another Obama-style campaign designed to go after super delegates and party insiders. Don’t discount displeasure with Hillary. It knocked her out of the nomination in 2008.

I’m not one of those “both parties suck” iconoclasts. One is rotten to the core, the other is only highly corrupted. I could have lived with McCain or Romney as president, I just suspected they couldn’t win. Ultimately, I’d rather have a Republican who’s not that conservative win the presidency than whatever label some Democrat applies to herself.

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