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Fox You!

September 23, 2015
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Donald Trump has been a fixture on Fox News for years. During The Apprentice, he appeared on Fox and Friends the next morning of every episode, even though it was on NBC. Fox News loves him as a personality. As a presidential candidate, they can’t exactly kiss his ass. I guess that’s not good enough for him.

Fox News has been called an arm of the Republican Party nearly since its inception. The content of the channel is conservative leaning. The nightly shows fall between middle of the road to highly conservative. In practice, it means they don’t run endless stories about global warming and in return they show the ACORN and Planned Parenthood tapes other networks avoid.

Donald Trump is the ultimate RINO. He’s been a Democrat and given money to Democrats for years. Most of the time, that’s what he’s called on by the likes of Fox News. He says rude and offensive things and sometimes offensive things are really offensive, not just “politically incorrect.” If people on the right feel so helpless against the GOP “establishment,” maybe they need to start their own party instead of blaming Fox for actually asking questions.

I’m glad Trump is boycotting Fox. Maybe now it will starve his movement of oxygen.

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It’s Not Scott Walker

September 22, 2015
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My tirades in various places over Scott Walker’s campaign ending and Donald Trump’s continued existence on this earth might have been a little much, but they were about something bigger than them. The three top candidates are a guy who has held nearly every opinion, a woman who bought a nomination and lost a Senate race and a doctor who eschewed politics until a few months ago. Most of the governors and Senators running in the GOP field are lagging behind, probably because they have political track records.

Picking a clean slate as president was the Barack Obama strategy. It is more likely, not less, to give us an imperial president. If you want fresh meat in government, vote for a new Congressman. Their retention rates are going back up since 2010. I also think Trump’s negatives are high and Carly’s aren’t much better with the Republican base. I’m going to take the middle road and support whoever the Republican nominee is. I just don’t care who it is now.

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And the Stupid Season Begins

September 21, 2015
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I can’t really be surprised Scott Walker had to drop out of the presidential race. He didn’t interview well enough, and all we care about now is the good interview. On paper, he’s the best Republican governor for president. He went after the primary Democratic party funding scheme while saving money for Wisconsin and even the teachers who decided not to pay dues anymore. To use the vernacular, he made Wisconsin great. Plus, he was my pick for president, so I obviously won’t get to vote for him.

Everyone else sucks. Mark my words, the GOP will lose the White House and possibly the Senate in 2016. They don’t have the will Scott Walker has. Donald Trump has no core principles. Carly Fiorina couldn’t win a Senate campaign with her own money. Ben Carson started his campaign based on trash talking Obama to his face at a breakfast. Everyone else is in the (low) single digits.

Right now, I’d vote for Biden.

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Islamic Government

September 20, 2015
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Ben Carson made some Trump-level news today when he said that a Muslim president wasn’t a good idea because Islam was not consistent with the principles¬†of the Constitution. This makes a certain amount of sense. Look at how angry the left gets when Obama is called a Muslim. Obama has never said that “I wouldn’t do anything different as a Muslim.” Instead, he has whipped out credentials which only go to show that he started attending church for political convenience. Much like being a Muslim, being a Christian covers a broad spectrum of adherence. Then again, a Muslim can be murdered for not being devout enough.

I’ve written before about the toxic mix of politics and Islam. Frankly, I can’t think of a Muslim country that isn’t shady at best. I don’t know that Muslims can’t handle modern democracy, but ¬†it hasn’t been a naturally occurring state. I think I’d rather have an atheist president of the United States than a Muslim, but it’s not much of a step up.

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Another Short Night

September 19, 2015
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I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about politics this weekend, so I’ll throw out this thought. Donald Trump has far and away the most name recognition and the most media. Everyone who loves him is practically a fanatic about it. Most of his opponents are in single digits. So, why is his ceiling at 30-40%? Can he break that among Republicans? What numbers could he get from Democrats?

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Fall is Back!

September 18, 2015
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Where I live in the Northeast, Summer goes into Winter pretty quickly. This is the first week of high daytime temperatures and low nighttime temperatures. We’ll see how long it is until all the temperatures are in the 40’s.

Also, the Fall television season is beginning. I’m trying to limit the number of new crap I tune into. I already got a late start on the final season of Continuum. I’m watching now and that’s why this post is short. That and I’m tired of writing about Trump.

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Old is New

September 17, 2015
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To some extent, Donald Trump has defined more policy positions than other GOP candidates. He’s had more interviews and interviewers generally like to hammer him more on policy. By the same token, he has little new to say as far a substance. This means that when he does debate, people are watching for one thing. They want to see what new insults he has for candidates.

Ronald Reagan would disparage a competitor in the Republican Party once in a while. He would usually allude to the person and not mention them by name. The 11th Commandment is not about shutting up about differences, it about not feeding media jackals. Reagan already knew how to work with the one-eyed monster in front of him from years in movies and TV. HE also knew that a debate can be edited down to a trash session among people in the same party. Donald Trump wants to constantly feed the one-eyed monster because he gets sad and lonely without it.

If I look for a recap of last night’s debate, I will get what Trump said about people and what they said about Trump. Maybe I’ll get what one candidate said about another who isn’t Trump. What I will not see are the mentions of Hillary Clinton or Obama, even though some candidates tried hard to keep it about them. If these debates are going to be about old policy and new insults, every Republican is going to look bad.

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The Forest for the Trees

September 16, 2015
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Those of us who follow politics and know the names of at least half of the GOP candidates tend to scoff at the idea of name recognition. Cary Fiorina mentions in often in relation to her single-digit showing in the polls. I think there may be something to it. Sometimes those of us in the forest can’t see the trees. Or it’s the other way around.

A very smart and reasonable politically aware co-worker and I were talking about the Republican contest. He likes Donald Trump’s bold, in-your-face stand on immigration. When I brought up Fiorina and Scott Walker, he barely knew their names and knew nothing about their histories. Maybe there’s something to name recognition.

Trump has extremely high name recognition and he’s still in the 30% range in polls. And that’s among Republicans. His negatives are high and I think only a crowded field keeps him in the game. Rick Perry has pretty high name recognition and still didn’t rate in the polls. I suspect that’s why he dropped out. Too many people know him and they don’t particularly support him. In any case, people still don’t know who the hell most candidates are. Some of them are worth knowing.

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Countdown to Carly

September 15, 2015
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The Republican field has tried to make some noise this week. Scott Walker got into a Twitter fight with Hillary Clinton. Bobby Jindal repeatedly went after Trump. But for the CNN debate, it’s going to be about Carly Fiorina. Part of it has to do with her reactions to Trump this week. At the same time, she is the one candidate who moved from the kiddie table to the adult table since the Fox debate.

I’ll try to watch, but YouTube has made laziness so much easier.

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Donald Trump Drives Them Crazy

September 14, 2015
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The website has offered a little context to the shots that Glenn Beck has been taking at Sarah Palin lately. One thing bothering Beck seems to be that Trump has no interest in going on his show, even if it is the highest rated internet-only network or that people listen to his AM radio show. Then again, Trump appeared on OANN which no one had ever heard of as a favor to Palin. Sarah has gotten some heat for supporting Trump (but not exclusively) in his run for the nomination. Beck seems to be jealous.

The other problem with Beck is more sinister. The Breitbart story points out that the rift between him and Palin started when he read a private e-mail from Palin just after the Gabby Giffords shooting. Thinking he was a friend, Sarah mentioned the shooting privately, but wanted things to let things cool down before speaking publicly. If you are in the entertainment industry, you want your news red-hot. Beck got that and it only cost him a relationship with Palin. Now, he’s whining that her “handlers” poisoned the well.

Well, I think Glenn Beck may be the poison here. Donald Trump does tend to drive people crazy, but Beck probably didn’t have far to go.

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