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The Delta Strain | September 3, 2021

Since the “vaccine,” I’ve decided to go back to data on separate axes, except it’s numbers instead of percentages. Percent increase is more relevant for a general population where the more people have it, the more opportunities there are for new cases. The point of this chart is to show when vaccination failed.

The number of COVID-19 cases peaked in early January and the number of deaths peaked about a week later. This was the most effective period for the shots, because the most likely to get seriously ill were getting vaccinated. By April, the impact of the shot dropped considerably, as otherwise healthy people were being vaccinated and the administration announced the vaccination prize: not having to wear a mask while un-vaccinated people were suppoed to keep wearing theirs.

However, by July, the worst result was being seen. This questionable COVID vaccine also had an expiration date. People who were vaccinated essentially pretended COVID didn’t exist and were both contracting actual COVID-19 along with spreading it. On the plus side, the shot is keeping most people from dying or ended up in COVID ICU. the negative is that the government can’t accept that and is doing the following:

  • Shame the un-vaccinated by claiming they’re the only virus spreaders (not true) and everyone needs the shot for herd immunity (not even possible while other countries can’t get the shot)
  • Mandate the shot wherever possible, even though this will just reset the clock for a while
  • Approve constant “boosters” for the population that was already compliant enough to take 2 shots. Now, they can take 3 a year!

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