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A Memory

September 11, 2022
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My original 9/11 Tribute.

September 11 fell on Sunday of the weekend of Queen Elizabeth’s death. Like the British on 9/11/2001, the Americans have been watching the events in the monarchy. 21 years before 9/11, Muslims were taking hostages. Now, the’re back to fighting themselves and the Israelis. Governance is largely broken in the Middle East, with economics being one of the few things holding the region together.

2001 is a memory to me, 4 jobs and two careers ago. In many ways, Donald Trump closed the book on this conflict by pulling US forces out of a disintegrating country. The children of 9/11 have children of their own and can only relate their memories, if they even choose to. But it will be decades before those of us who do remember are gone and we will never forget.

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