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Ditto | February 19, 2021

I started listening to Rush Limbaugh in 1991 when the national show was in its early stages. I watched the TV show. I have a couple books and a few (VHS) videos. I generally talk about Limbaugh and the book 1984 as early influences on my political beliefs. Even given that, I was surprised at the number of times I mentioned Limbaugh in my blog over the last 12 years of so. Lately, it was in terms of his early and consistent support of Donald Trump, which I didn’t share. I was going to write about Rush’s impact on the conservative movement, but it’s all in my posts.

Rush started as a 16-year old DJ in MIssouri. After a few other gigs, he was able to use the end of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” to host a program where he could talk about conservative ideas without some weenie liberal co-host. As he used to say, “I am the balance.” While liberals, to this day, whine about the end of that doctrine, its existence would be pointless now, because they have moved on to claiming there is only ONE side to issues like abortion, the environment, gender and economics.

Without Limbaugh, it is unlikely Roger Ailes would have become a big producer in radio, started America’s Talking and eventually helm Fox News. Andrew Breitbart started doing what did because of listening to Rush while delivering pizzas in LA. Unfortunately, important innovators in conservative media are gone, but Limbaugh leaves behind a Republican Party with a strong conservative wing and the knowledge that “alternative” media can survive and flourish.

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