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Tribute | September 11, 2020

My Project 2996 Tribute

One of the worst aspects of this year is the constant counting of dead people and assigning blame for their deaths. No one I’ve heard about has called COVID-19 60 September 11ths yet, but the COVID death toll is constantly measured against wars and other fatal events.

19 years after September 11, 2001, this pandemic is the next generational event. Some kids going to virtual school have parents who were too young to watch the news on 9/11. People who are now the age I was in 2001 will remember some of the aftermath of 9/11, but the pandemic year, the disruption to their lives and jobs. 2020 could be defining year of their adult lives.

The impact of 9/11 was to bring the impact of Islamic terror to the US. It also led us to strike blows against it. We also know that “ending” terrorism isn’t the right goal. Even our current president is trying to get our military out of places where the residents are not that politically separate from terrorists. The US destroyed Afghanistan after the Russians did, but the surgical strikes that cut off the head of the snake.

George W. Bush for his part tried to build up a stockpile of medical equipment after 9/11, but much of it was depleted and not refilled in the following administration. I’m not sure what lessons we will learn from COVID or how much our view of novel pandemics will change over the next 20 years. I will offer this. I don’t really want to be in the middle of the next global crisis.

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