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It Doesn’t Matter What This Post Says | August 28, 2020

When Tea Party rallies started over a decade ago, Nancy Pelosi called them “AstroTurf” and the media disparaged the protesters either as people on Medicare / Social Security / Public Assistance who wanted the government out of their government program or closet racists who wanted Barack Obama out of their government. Then came democracy to spank all the leftists with the 2010 midterm results. The lines were drawn between the Obama-supporting papers or networks and the Tea Party. One of the most telling protest signs simply said “It doesn’t matter what this sign says, you’ll call it racism anyway.”

Around the same time, Donald Trump had pivoted from criticizing the Bushes to going after Barack Obama. His demands for Obama’s “birth certificate” were the ones that seemed to force the issue to the point where the long form, Hawaiian document was released to a fawning media. This created a backlash where Obama and the media attacked Trump personally over his inability to become president after trying to get in the game.

The 2012 Election was a disaster. Without Sarah Palin running, the Tea Party field was too varied and Mitt Romney had the “he deserves it” slot. While he did okay in debates with Obama, the campaign run by the same Republicans who lost to Obama once lost to Obama.

While I’ve been a fan of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, I still see that Republicans need to win Republican offices. In 2016, I saw governor Scott Walker (who eventually lost his race for governor) as the best qualified, then Ted Cruz as the most conservative. Early on, I referred to Donald Trump as glib, which is kind of ironic given the media trying to say he’s incoherent. Palin may have endorsed Trump, but I didn’t.

Looking back, Trump had an interesting psychological operation where Republicans tacitly endorsed him by supporting John Kasich and driving down Cruz’s vote total. At the same time, the Democrats were promoting Trump with the idea that he would instantly lose the election for the GOP.

Trump has bothered me since the days of The Apprentice. In my business, I hear about “sales guys” who don’t know enough about the product and make unreasonable demands on the manufacturers. But the sales guys make the sales that bring in the money that pays the people who make the stuff. Trump sold the United States on him.

Not knowing that Trump would win, I decided to vote for Gary Johnson because I also believe that we should get away from binary election choices. Had I lived in a state with a better chance of Trump winning, (he lost by 22% in my state) I was prepared to vote for him. Just in case.

Now that Donald J. Trump is the official 2020 Republican nominee, I am going to vote for him and for the first time in any capacity. What has been said by the media about Trump has been said about every Republican since I can remember. The third parties are non-starters this year, Trump has a proven track record and Biden / Harris is the disease I don’t want America to catch.

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