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Socialism Distancing

June 8, 2020
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Every couple of years, there’s a guy who becomes the “face” of protesting over race or gender or some other “inequality.” This year, it is George Floyd. He can be seen in a video yelling “I can’t breathe,” something that would be impossible if he couldn’t breathe. He likely died from his run in with the police, but the fentanyl and meth in his system probably didn’t help.

Of course, “I can’t breathe” is just code for “police are harassing me” anyway. Cities filled with potential rioters run by Democrats (so, basically all of them) have chosen to make police stand down and knee down while the city cuts their funding.Cutting police funding is the new war on democracy.

Watching this has given me a new perspective on my quest to explain Donald Trump. The Wuhan flu outbreak couldn’t be fixed medically. Patients who get very sick stay sick and sometimes die. There’s no vaccine. Testing is only effective in small populations where the progression of the disease was known beforehand. Human beings are the delivery system for viruses. The solution was to separate humans from each other. This breaks the chains of transmission and will slow (or potentially stop) the development of new cases.

Knowing this, we can look at the two political parties. All Democrats are going in the same direction. The fights are over the ones who are trying to fool their constituents that they are “moderate.” Whether they are driving a Formula One or a bicycle, they are all headed to hell. The Republicans, however, have been in a rebuilding phase since either 2008 or 1988, depending on your perspective. Many of the leaders of the party are waiting for the cultural shift that will make them too unpopular to exist. James Carville has been predicting it since 2009 at least. It never happens.

So, if we look at socialism (or Progressive Republicanism) as a virus, we never know for sure who will contract it. People who loved GW Bush and Mitt Romney back in 2012 hate them now for opposing Donald Trump. Trump ended up being a form of political distancing. He was not connected or particularly beholden to Republicans. Because of that, he could cut himself off from the ones who caught the progressive virus. Carrying the analogy further, he also defies the ability of Republicans to be chameleons and mutate their stances because the support of President Trump is the only standard by which Trump will support them.

Instead of authoritarianism, Trump represents a sort of libertarian ideal where any guy off the street can run the government with any reasonably competent group of people who are often not “professional” political types. We’ll find out sooner or later if he is also the vaccine.

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