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Epstein Killed Himself | December 3, 2019

Donald Trump lies. If you don’t agree with this statement then you would be hard pressed to claim that Trump has ever “owned the libs.” Said ownership is based on Trump communicating false and misleading information for the purpose of his opponents being humiliated by true and contradictory information that comes out later. These short-term misdirections are lies and Trump’s lifetime of speeches filled with weasel wording has made him very good at talking a lot and saying nothing of value.

So, what does this have to do with the late Jeffrey Epstein? His death arguably makes it impossible for him to turn in Bill Clinton and other powerful men in to authorities in exchange for a plea deal. But even if Clinton were a participant in the pedophilia ring, (not to be confused with the Comet Ping Pong basement pedophilia ring in a building with no basement) Epstein would be the ringleader. You get deals for ratting out the head of the conspiracy, not people lower than you.

The problem is that there is now a cottage industry online (and in real life) of people declaring “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” in random places at random times. And because his connection to Clinton is stronger than his past connection to Trump, most of the suicide hoaxers are conservative (or Trumpian, in my opinion).

While conspiracies are common through history, virtually all of them have to do with wealth and / or power. I can believe that George Soros likes to use influence to manipulate world financial markets, because that’s his profession. I am less inclined to believe he is a secret Nazi or Satan’s right-hand man. Instead, there is a clear financial incentive to propagating a conspiracy theory. Alex Jones got a network interview for Pizzagate. Donald Trump rode Obama’s Birth Certificate to the White House Correspondence Dinner. Despite the mockery, it put him on the political stage.

If Epstein didn’t kill himself, the plutocratic cabal better sharpen their knives, because a lot of girls were responsible for Epstein’s arrest. Apparently, wealthy conspirators choose murder as their first option.

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