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The Benghazi Issue | September 30, 2019

One of the pointless media talking “points” is the comparison of Donald Trump presumed scandal-filled administration with Obama’s supposed scandal-free administration. Lest one forget, Obama’s White House oversaw untraceable guns run across the border, the botched BP disaster and a socialist auto bailout that cost the government millions and ended up with car companies selling more trucks than ever. That was the first year. There was also spying on journalists, using the IRS as a political tool (worse than Nixon) and Benghazi.

The smoking guns in the Hillary Clinton e-mails has already been found. Long after Obama won his second term, we learned that Clinton and other members of the administration knew that 9/11/12 was a terror attack on a US target, but lied in order to secure Obama’s victory. Oh, and the IRS was slow-walking Tea Party groups to cut off donations for anti-Obama candidates. Clinton will not go to jail for carrying Obama’s water on this, and constant investigations are pointless to me.

On the other hand, Candy “Binder” Crowley created a media low-point by fake-checking Romney’s Benghazi statements in a debate with Obama. In 2004, we learned that a media outlet will defend and perpetuate fake news as long as the producers of the piece hates Republicans enough. In 2012, we learned that “news” includes advocating for the Democrats when the Republican could score a victory.

This is the system Trump was able to exploit. The news had become so speculative and biased that it could be called fake with a pretty decent chance it will be proven wrong. For all the talk of a Deep State or a swamp, the “scandals” of the Trump administration have been the interpretations of non-journalists on the news networks who are actively trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election. Sorry, you already got to override the results of the 2012 election and you got Trump 4 years later.

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