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CPAC – Alinsky Edition | March 3, 2019

A thought occurred to me this week. Donald Trump has been president for two years and one month.

Nearly every week of the Trump administration has been filled with news. This week there was the Kim Jong Un meeting in Vietnam, the testimony of Michael Cohen and Trump’s speech at CPAC. Of course, none of these events changed anyone’s life in any way, but it was something to watch.

I will write about CPAC because it’s still going on and while the effect is minimal, what it represents is not. Three years ago, Donald Trump pulled out of CPAC after the organization suggested his speaking time would be limited and he would have to answer audience questions. Plus, there was talk of a walkout during the speech. This year was different. Trump spoke extemporaneously for two hours to near universal approval and walked off without any questions. I can only imagine what next year will be like when he is effectively the only Republican nominee for 2020.

The Resurgent, which is essentially what happened to writers who didn’t worship Trump enough, has made small steps towards accepting Trump as not horrible. In that regard, Editor Erick Erickson has taken to criticizing The Bulwark. The Bulwark is the true home of anti-Trump and they will take down any Republican too supportive of Donald Trump as long as it has an outside chance of hurting Trump in the process. In any case, Erickson pointed out that The Bulwark seems to have inflated its staff with writers like Molly Jong-Fast (no relation to Kim). Jong-Fast is a liberal and reporting on CPAC for The Bulwark.

So, what does this have to do with Alinsky? Well, Saul Alinsky came up a decade ago in relation to Barack Obama. Alinsky’s “Rules for radicals” stressed making your opponent argue from your frame of reference, enforcing their rules of debate on them but not yourself and attacking their arguments by attacking them personally. This is more or less how David “Bald Hitler” Axelrod won elections for Obama. It’s also pretty much a way of life for Donald Trump.

What has happened over the last decade or two is that everyone sees themselves as the radical. The Democrats are fighting the man in power. Trump is fighting “the deep state” which includes Republicans. The conservatives and other Republicans who hate Trump are fighting the other groups. The Bulwark is bringing in a liberal to cover conservatives because CPAC is a joke to them now that they are in the Trump camp.

Alinsky wanted to break down government to create socialism. What is everyone else fighting for after they win the fight?


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